Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Mean It Can't Snow Again

There is all kind of blooming activities down in the valley below. It is most spring like. Driving around involves a lot of rubber necking.

A double petaled cherry tree is heavy with bloom and quite the show off.

Tender petals are subject to weather extremes.

Best to notice and capture the beauty in the moment.

Because things can change quickly and dramatically. High on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top the lighter pink, double petaled cherry tree is not so far advanced. Good thing maybe. It turned cool, then cold. The wind is blustering. The fog and drizzle sits on the mountain top.

The snow funnel I live in could crank up tonight. It's iffy. Maybe the front will pass before it gets cold enough to snow.

Tomorrow it is diagnosed to be sunny and 65. That will make fine painting weathers while I wait for the inspector mens to arrive for my second and I sure hope final inspection and I never have to call you or see you ever again unless I should build something else. That won't be anytime soon.


Lola said...

Oh, that first pic is so pretty. What are the white blooming trees?
You need a driver when viewing this much beauty. That pink cherry is gorgeous. Does it produce edible fruit or just to look at? For sure get something to refresh the memory at a later date.
Temp is good, mostly for painting while waiting.
Cooler here, feels good. Weekend was wicked.
Don't even think white stuff.

Siria said...

That cherry tree is gorgeous! I was beginning to worry that your computer/satellite had broken again since you hadn't posted in a few days. (Or maybe it was that you were out and about enjoying the springtime views!) Good luck tomorrow. I am sure you won't have any problems though. Enjoy the beauty of the spring!

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you good luck for tomorrow, Christopher! The culmination of your dream and a boat load of hard work!
I will look forward to watching your garden develop. And btw, if you ever make it over to Duke U. country, I visited the Sarah P. Duke gardens today -a surprise gem; well worth it.