Thursday, April 14, 2011

In The Time Of Apple Blossoms

Spring continues uninterrupted and unmarred. Snow did not befall us on the last front to move through. It is apple blossom time.

Bugleweed, Ajuga reptans elevates itself above the status of weed with tall purple blue spikes of bloom. In my travels for work kind work I see a panoply of what this temperate climate zone has to offer botanically.

A Silene and a Veronica hug the ground with flowers.

Creeping Phlox, Phlox subulata masses at the forest's edge. It is outrageous yet hard to resist after the long barren days of winter.

A freshly mulched bed of freshly fall planted daffodils managed to avoid being bent over in the series of violent thunderstorms followed up by snow that marked the previous few weeks. Is spring really here to stay?

I've seen it snow on Dogwood blooms more than once. Down in the valleys they are in full bloom. Higher up, the petals are still expanding. Perhaps they know tomorrow is the internationally recognized Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Perhaps this is an early post for the event from the high reaches of western North Carolina.

Then I was back home where a new kind of anemone blooms. Time to stroll the ridge top garden. Time to enjoy the results of two gardeners delights over twenty years.

Time to see the last daffodils before they become a memory to savor during the long short days of winter.

Time stretches to infinity but we may never get enough. You sometimes are forced to think about allotted amounts of time.

The first rhododendrons, the PJMs are a solid mass of bloom with the last of the daffodils lapping at their feet.

The summer inhabitants of the wild cultivated garden are filling out. Already a new time is showing itself.

We will wait and we will hope and we will be confident that all the gardener's preparations will lead to a good outcome.

Tomorrow the building contractor will have heart surgery to repair a leaking mitral valve. The leak is not new. It has just gotten worse with time. Now is the time to fix it. At 82 he still isn't ready to sit down, out of breath and wait for the end.

There is a garden to tend, chores to do, an empty luxury basement in need of a makeover. They said by mid May he would be back to normal. In mid May the garden season is just getting underway.


Carol said...

All the best to the building contractor for a speedy recovery! The mountain is looking beautiful in this time of apple blossoms.

Lola said...

Bless you, dear friend. My prayers will be with you & family for the building contractors speedy recovery.
Apple blossom time is beautiful in those beautiful mtns.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad, his surgeon and all of you! I too hope for him a very speedy recovery. All your pictures in this post are beautiful, but I'm somewhat partial to the freshly mulched bed of daffodils. :) Looking awesome! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

The building contractor is in good shape from helping you all this time, so he will sail through! Isn't it amazing, though, how life gives with one hand and stabs you in the back with the other. Your photos are beautiful and I am sure the garden will be a consolation.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whooo it looks gorgeous in your part of the world Christopher. It is kind of good that the Building Contractor is having his surgery this time of year. He will have so much to look forward to and be able to get outside for moderate exercise when he is recovering. My thoughts and prayers will be directed his way.

Anonymous said...

Let us know how the contractor is doing.