Friday, April 22, 2011

Post Daffodil Peaking

10,000 daffodils are really only a prelude, a little warm up act for what the wild cultivated garden has in store for the rest of the season. Act II has begun. The Dogwoods are approaching full bloom in the low spot on a North Carolina mountain top.

I sit comfy in the cozy cabin on my own computer with lights, fans and a few appliances if I should choose to turn them on. There are still two mysterious electric circuits needing attention. One for the basement patio lights and outlets and the garbage disposal/dishwasher circuit. I still wait for water from the well, gas and phone. I listen to the sounds in my new home. What's that? Nothing or bad? I did hear a varmint trying to chew its way in and need to remember to check the most likely spot. Damn varmint!

The tree peony always the first, is blooming.

Camassia come from a bulb catalog, but they set a different tone to the late end of spring. I must remember to set a shovel into this clump when they are done blooming. I can find a few places for camassia in the garden to be.

The first deciduous azalea has also burst into bloom. Today all of a sudden it was in full bloom.

I wandered back into the deep forest at the end of my day to check on the Showy Orchis. It will bloom at some point.

Might as well go a little deeper into the forest to see what is there. An astounding and seems to me growing number of trilliums dance through the leaf litter every where I look. I wonder if the Great Easter Freeze of 2007 put a hurting on the native spring ephemerals and they are just now coming back in full measure.

Got Violets? There are about seven species here best I can tell.

Eventually you have to come back out of the deep forest. In a little more sunlight a thick carpet of multi-colored Bluebells readies to bloom.

And the first of hundreds of irises have arrived.

The daffodils are pretty much gone, but nobody here really cares. They served their purpose as Act I. The show must go on.


Carol said...

Love the show. I still have daffodils blooming, sort of, and some irises that look like yours.

Happy to hear you are in the cozy cabin with some electricity!

Lola said...

10,000 daffodils & counting, must be heaven. Those iris are beautiful. Mine are blooming slow. Your gift hasn't bloomed as yet. I have noticed a reddish color near the base of the leaves. I think there is an extra gift, a wild strawberry. I have another "gift" from brother, a wild violet, that is blooming now. So pretty.

Sometimes we feel as tho it would be nice to stay in the deep woods from all that isn't calming to our soul.

So glad you can sit at your own computer in the Cozy Cabin listening to it's sounds. It is welcoming you. The light that is being emitted from the Cozy Cabin is announcing to the outside world that you & it are one now & that you both are there embracing life to the fullest.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a show it is. The daffs didn't last long here. It is such a fun time of year. Every day you walk into the garden something new is happening.

Larry said...

You certainly have beautiful things happening all around you... wonderful photos! L