Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turned On

When I got home from work the power had been connected and turned on. I started flipping circuit breakers and confusion ensued. There are issues. No surprise really. The first issue is the breaker panel box is half mislabeled. I have to figure out who's what first to see what the real issues are. Hopefully they will be few. I am relabeling as I go. Then I turned the main power switch back off and called it a day.

This is going to require a methodical approach. Every switch and every plug must be checked.

The ridge top garden has been turned on too. Every bud and every flower must be checked. It is good to check daily for changes.

The heart patient is doing exceedingly well. All tubes have been disconnected and he is free to walk about without being tethered to anything. There was a whisper that he might even be released tomorrow.

Even so I think I'll have enough time to go through the newly powered cozy cabin very meticulously and isolate any actual electrical issues before he will venture down to the cabin for a consultation.

I may be a wee bit stressed. I haven't been pulled in this many directions at once in quite some time. It is spring. The clients need attention and new clients have been added to the list. A little cabin struggles to come to life in fits and starts. The patient has messed with the routine we have up here and will need some TLC for a while. My job duties as assistant gardener were made apparent when half of a forty foot tall apple tree crashed to the ground in a storm last week. It sits there waiting for me to cut it up and heave it down the hill.

There must always be time made for an evening stroll.

The garden in spring won't wait for me. It is on its own mission.

In the garden it is much easier to accept that I am not in full control. That unpleasant things can happen and life just keeps moving right along unfazed.

With the Spots I stroll, explore, examine and unwind.

And pretend to be unfazed.


Lola said...

I am so glad that the heart patient is doing so well. Maybe when he comes home it will be easier.
Clients will be taken care of. Walks will be taken. They are so important.
Hooray for power. Yes, things need to be checked out for safety, need of knowledge & accuracy.
All will be fine.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Life is difficult sometimes. It is good that you have the Spots and your colorful mountaintop to sooth your spirit. Big Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Spring is always stressful for gardeners, much less the other problems! But it makes up for it with the beauty you portray. Patience will overcome.


sweetbay said...

Spring can be stressful, when you add concerns on top of an already busy schedule! Glad to hear your father is doing so well.

"Every bud and every flower must be checked." I like this philosophy! Beautiful garden and flower pictures.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! So happy your Dad is doing so well and may be coming home soon. It will be much less stressful once he is home! Your mountaintop is gorgeous. Enjoy your evening strolls and thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures with us!