Friday, April 1, 2011

Yikes The Cold

My winter shield is definitely down. There was only a half an inch of snow and a low of 27.

And it was brutal out there. The stiff wind most certainly did not help.

I wandered down to the cozy cabin and drilled holes through the track for the loft ladder and installed the stop bolts while I waited for the snow to melt and things to warm up a bit.

Finally around 3:00 o'clock the sun came out. The wind didn't stop and it was still cold, just barely 40 degrees if that. I needed something to do. More wildflower seeds were sown and more bottles, a recent gift, were added to the shore of Turd Blossom Lake.

The snow finished melting and a quick stroll was in order to check on the condition of the daffodils. There is an increasing amount of bent flower stems and floppage. The heavier double and large trumpet forms are most prone to being bent. What can you do? Gardy certainly ain't gonna put 10,000 daffodils into bondage to stand the flowers back up.

Besides there are plenty of daffodils still looking perky in bloom or are soon to be in bloom. I can be satisfied with that.

There are ample daffodils still standing.

New ones opening everyday despite this on again off again winter wonderland.

A new trillium is even getting ready to bloom in the annex. While this trillium is native, I am sure it came from a bulb order or plant purchase. This is the first time I have seen it and I have never seen this kind of trillium in my travels through the forest of thousands of trilliums later in the spring.

Despite the snow, despite the floppage, despite the wind and cold,

Spring will continue and the garden will move on after it snows again tonight.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, I have found this to be true. Come snow or high water spring will continue to advance. This is a good thing. I bet some of the heavier daffs will straighten up. If not just go cut bouquets to bring in. They smell so fresh.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I hope the snow is not too much tonight and that the weather starts to warm up for the arrival of Bulbarella and the Building Contractor. Bulbilla needs to be blooming for their arrival. I love that new trillium ~ gorgeous! I'll be saving more bottles for you....

Lola said...

Maybe when the sun comes out it will draw the Daff's back upright. I do hope it is sunny & warmer for the arrival of your parents. I'm sure she won't be disappointed.
Hope you don't get anymore of the white stuff.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa some of the daffs will straighten. Quite a few though have snapped stems and can't stand back up. I wonder if any science has been done on when these perennials lose cold tolerance in the new growth. Their ability to take this without freezing is quite astonishing.

Siria I think they will get here on Thursday. Something will be blooming. That is a certainty. That little bit of glass bottle edging I did used most of the ones you gave me. I'll be accepting wine bottles for some time I think.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola more white stuff is headed this way now. The diagnosis says 100% chance and guess what, that is usually when it misses me.

chuck b. said...

Cut some of those daffodils and bring them in. The outside world will take care of itself in due time. But you can enjoy those sunny faces indoors. My two pesos.