Sunday, April 17, 2011

Second Gear

Bulbhilla is nearly no more for another year. The ridge top garden is moving on to phase two of spring. The trees that bloom are blooming. The first rhododendrons are here. Perennials of all kinds are expanding in size, turning green and forming buds if they are so inclined. The coming lush will hide all the bulb foliage while it withers away, back to the soil. We don't cut back daffodil foliage here. That would be insane.

A successful sowing of Lunaria annua, an early spring bloomer, brightens the forest floor before the deep shade sets in. The paper moon seed heads to follow will add interest long after the flowers fade and beget the next generation with no help. Unless a certain resident gardener wants to spread the wealth to other locations.

Dozens and dozens of summer blooming lilies will be the last of Bulbhilla's bulbs to bloom, but before that happens, carpets of Bluebells in blue, pink and white will sweep across the mountain.

The heart patient has been moved from ICU back to a room. His progress is moving along smoothly and at a good pace. He will be home in plenty of time for a garden warming/cabin debut in May. By then it shouldn't be a problem for him to stroll the ridge top garden when a second wave of blue sweeps across the mountain with the native annual Phacelia purshii.

And tomorrow if all goes well a light will shine from the cozy cabin after dark. Satellite signals will connect to a computer and water will flow through the pipes. Moving day will wait just a bit longer until we are sure all is well with our patient safely back at home.


Siria said...

Hello Christopher! I'm so happy to hear your Dad is getting better and hopefully will be home soon! Congratulations again on the completion of the cozy cabin. Wish I was to be there tomorrow night to see the lights shining at dark from your beautiful home.

Lola said...

Hi Christopher. I'm so glad that the patient is doing much better. It's good you are staying close till your Dad comes home.
Do take a pic of the lights shining thru your windows. That would complete the look of home. Wish I could be there for the unveiling.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

So many pretties on that mountain side. I am so glad all those horrible storms bypassed your area. Also very happy to hear that the Building Contractor is recovering at a good pace.

Anonymous said...

Excellent progress for the contractor! I am truly amazed at the advances in heart surgery recovery. Regarding the double dogwood at the Raulston arboretum, it turned out to be imaginatively named 'Pluribracteatea'. Not exactly illuminating.

Looking forward to round 2 of Bulbhilla and the first light shining from the cozy cabin! (I haven't learned to remember the Hawaiian name yet)