Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Could Be Yours

We wait for the officials to do their official business in a bureaucratic manner. Rules and proper procedure defy the specific circumstances involved. Rules are made for a reason and then reason gets lost to the rules.

That meant there was time to get a little work done and I will be less backed up upon my return. Nice view up there. This view could be yours.

It comes with this nice little cabin, a two bedroom, two bath on a bit of acreage. You could even retain me as your assistant gardener.

And spend cool evenings high on a North Carolina mountain top gazing out at the view after a pleasant day in the garden.

But alas there would be a lot of forms to fill out for this view. Lucky me, I get to borrow it.

At some point what is ours should be returned to us after proper procedure is followed. Then we will head to Florida. There may be a lesson here. It would be a good idea to let all the procedures to follow come at their own pace, in their own good time and just be fine with that.


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

The cabin's pretty nice and the view is great. But I think I'd prefer you as an assistant gardener here in Buffalo!

Siria said...

Hi Christopher ~ I can't believe that they are still giving you the run around! There is no excuse for this. I hope that tomorrow is a new day with bureaucracy resolved. I love your post with the cute cabin with the gorgeous views. :)
You get around to some pretty nice places! Stay safe in this horrible weather that is sweeping the south.

Lola said...

What a beautiful view. That is a nice little cabin also. Is it far from you?
I can't believe they are putting you off. There is no reason to be so uncaring.
Do be watchful of this crazy weather that is going on. Brother & step-dau are in the path. Hope they will be ok.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you have a calm beautiful view to appease you as you wait for the ever so slow bureaucratic wheels to grind. In this instance unforgivable. Peace.

Layanee said...

A lovely cabin. With a view! It looks quite peaceful at this time of year.