Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Slow Accumulation

It was mostly rain during the night. I woke up to more rain and and some random flakes. Things quickly changed. By 9:30 am we were doing pure snow and the temperature began to drop.

The diagnosis was a wee bit off in its timing. They did get the essence of the weathers right. The new essence is I may get one to three inches of snow tonight. It is slowly accumulating.

Sideways snow and dwindling temperatures are not in any way optimum conditions for cutting, sanding and staining closet parts. I did all that under semi-cover on the front porch then brought the parts in to dry.

The snow continued to intensify. I lost interest in making more parts.

The framing for the header is done. The two boards against the wall are screwed into the studs. The side panel is screwed into the floor with brackets. It is most sturdy. I am considering an additional support post near the right front side if I can make it work. The closet parts are slowly accumulating.

I am about 1/4 inch off square which annoys me to no end. Let's just say my drywall walls accentuated every deviation in the wood of the framing. A great deal of effort was made to make the cozy cabin plumb and square. No such effort was made when the drywall was hung. I'll have to make it work.

Next I need to build a footer for the 42 and 1/2 inch rough opening height for the bifold doors. The top shelf can also be done. How will I fasten the hanger rod? I don't want that weight supported in the drywall. That needs some thinking. The seam hiding trim work is also in the contemplation phase.

Miss Collar is still feeling put out by the disruption in her sleeping quarters. She was out in the snow all day and only came in at dark for her dinner. Then she headed right back out. Ding Cat! I don't argue with her when she wants out. It involves too much drama.

There is sun in the diagnosis for tomorrow. More closet parts should accumulate.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We have 20" of snow on the ground. It is a winter wonderland here. The most snow since I have lived in these parts, 18 years. Your project is coming along nicely. You will get it done soon.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa 1 to 3 inches will be plenty. Certainly don't need 20. Yikes!

Lola said...

Your project looks to be coming along fine. Snow will move things along fine. Not going out in this white stuff unless necessary.