Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Shopping Down By The River

I hate shopping. Shopping by obligation does not make it any better. So imagine my delight when I went shopping down by the river and was done in five minutes. I had an idea of what I wanted and went directly to a local artisan's store where I thought such things could be found. I asked for help the moment I walked in the door. I described what I wanted and who it was for and was led instantly to the perfect items. When you say, "that's very nice" and it's exactly the type of thing you had in mind at the first things you see, it's a good sign.

To make things even better there were interesting shrubberies to see. I had no idea there was a yellow berried nandina.

When I pulled into the parking lot these lily looking things were the first thing I noticed. It's December. Yes the weathers have been a tad warm, but these can't be lilies. A closer look has me thinking they are a euphorbia of some sort. Still, it's December. Is there a euphorbia that should still be looking like this when all the other perennials are frozen dead and brown? Does anyone know what this is? If I could have a stand of that all winter I may need some.

Five minutes of Christmas shopping and I was done. It was a blessed event.

I can't really say where I went. I don't want anyone shaking their gifts trying to figure out what's inside. It was near this building with the trees growing inside of it. Yes, those trees are inside the building. I was down by the river.

A little take out 12 Bones BBQ was also involved in my excursion. It was a really blessed event.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like a wonderful shopping experience and you got all sorts of inspiration for the garden. I have one of the yellow-berried nandinas. It is a pretty shrub all winter. It takes a realllllllly cold winter to get those leaves to fall off too.

Barry said...

Anything involving BBQ is indeed blessed. Odd you should post the Euphorbia-oid plants - they were freatured in today's Dave's Garden blog. I think you may be right!

Les said...

Euphorbia lathyris maybe?

Lola said...

Good that you got all done so easy. Sure like that BBQ but it don't like me much.

Heaven Scent said...

Merry Christmas Christopher! Lucky you to be finished with your shopping and Christmas is still a week away. If I could be so fortunate!

thistleandthorn said...