Sunday, December 16, 2012

Multiple Neuroses

This one has confinement issues and is afraid of everything out of the routine. She can't stand being alone inside with no way of escape. Sometimes she just can't stand being inside. Despite near 24 hours of rain she has been out there because something has set her off. She came in late for dinner and fled.

That something is a disturbance in her sleeping quarters. I have rearranged things and it is not to her liking. The smell of the fresh cherry stain on the cabinet base may also be a factor.

The base is done. The pulls are on. Now it is ready for a top which I would have done today, but for the rain. The top will need to be cut to length and stained.

She was not happy that I moved my grandmother's old steamer trunk to the other side of the room. It's not supposed to be over there. The last two times she tried to sleep in her bed, she could only handle for a couple minutes before she fled out into the rain.

This one has abandonment issues and is the neediest and most vocal cat I have ever met. She is an attention junkie, forever trying to get in your business and stubborn as a mule.

Button by contrast is the mellowest dude you can imagine. He's good with whatever.

Baby kitties don't do rain. After going in and out, in and out and finally being convinced that yes it is wet out there, in they come. In between naps and checking on the weathers they bounce off the walls.

Good thing I am only in the planning stages and not the building phase for the hanging clothes closet half of the disturbance in Miss Collar's sleeping quarters. I'm not a carpenter so this takes some thinking. I want it to be flush with the cabinets and it only needs to be 48 inches high. I also plan to use the top of this closet as shelf space. Today at Lowes I was most pleased to find they can order me some ready to stain, raw pine, bi-fold doors that are only 42 inches tall.

The clothes and all that stuff in the corner need an away place to stay.

My neurosis is my closet has to look like a fine piece of cabinetry. This can't be some plywood and duct tape box. I'm not a carpenter or a furniture maker. This will take some thinking.


Lola said...

Sorry Miss Collar is so upset. I don't think animals like for their space to be messed with. She will settle down. Mostly aren't cats a roaming animal?
Nice storage units.

Lola said...
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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know you can do this. You will do it to Mz Collar's specifics. She will get used to it all. Poor girl. Cats don't like for their houses to be in an upset state.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

Cats are full of surprises - but they sure don't like them!