Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Parts More Snow

It is coming along nicely. More parts were added to the hanging clothes closet; a right side support, the top shelf, a footer and a board inside the closet for fastening the rod on the left side.

Some trim work will be done before the doors are hung and some after. I have some nice 1 x 4 red oak to trim the top. It will hide the seam between the header and the top shelf and help hide the tracks for the closet doors. The footer will likely get the same trim treatment.

Some 3/4 inch trim will go on the right and left uprights to hide the cut ends of the plywood and make the front flush. I'll also be adding trim to the back of the cabinet and closet top shelves since I don't want things falling behind there in the little gap against the wall. If I leave that gap open it will just collect cat hair.

It's almost ready for hanging clothes.

There was about an inch and half of snow on the ground this morning. And on the front porch. Snow collects sawdust really well. The kitty cat tracks are now loaded with sawdust to go with the dirt no doubt. Good thing my fancy porcelain tile floors look like a blend of dirt and sawdust.

It was a beautiful sunny day, though a bit on the frigid side, fresh with new snow. I should have gone for a stroll. But I am not really trusting there will be a long winter. The snow in this week's diagnosis has changed to rain. Of course it can always change back. I need these snow days for my winter projects. There is a hefty list I would like to get done. Now where did I put that list?


Lola said...

Looking good Christopher. It would be nice to get the snow without the low temps.

Christopher C. NC said...

Our new lowest low for this winter is 17. It may have gotten up to 34 today momentarily.