Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An After Dinner Romp

If I toss them back outside after their evening roll call dinner and don't let them lapse immediately into a food coma, the back inside after dark spazz attack is much subdued.

They are a fully functioning pride now, spending their days close together, romping at random intervals. Like me, I think Miss Collar has a favorite.

Their life in the wilderness will never be risk free. The best I can do is minimize it and bring them in at night when their predators are more likely to be lurking about. I can be content that the sound of traffic on the scenic byways scares them. There are times to be thankful for log trucks, loud pick-up trucks, SUV's and motorcycles.

The new kitties are successful hunters, though I remain unimpressed. All I am seeing are teeny tiny shrews. Is it possible the mouse population has crashed? I doubt it. They need to step up their game.

I didn't know we had shrews until baby kitties started catching them. Moles, voles, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, weasels and now shrews. It's a carnivore smorgasbord.

I just heard the coyotes howling directly across the byway.

The world has its ways and then it had us humans who are not always content with the way of the world.

That lack of contentment may be our undoing.


sallysmom said...

All 3 are pretty and I'm sure many hours of enjoyment.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our neighbor's cat was trying to keep our squirrel population in check yesterday. She didn't have any luck but had some good exercise.

Lola said...

They do look content as they had been around forever. Good that something will keep them at home unless following their favorite person on a stroll. Something of that type keeps digging up planted seeds in the front bed. Arrrr

sallysmom said...

I've meant to tell you this for a long time, but some of my favorite pics that you have made were of your 3 original kitties following you from your mom's house to the cabin.

Anonymous said...

As a dog person, the kitties are cute but I focused on your world comments. Well said. I think some of us, who are often gardeners, are more content to fit in with the ways of the world, while others are less so. But we all are in this together, like it or not.


KB said...

I think your little gray kitty might be the cutest I've ever seen ... and I've seen alot!