Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When The World Turns To Stone

It is getting close to two years since I have done any significant work on the basement patio's retaining walls. I've been busy.

But when the forest gets naked, it is only natural to spend time contemplating stone.

I contemplate blowing the leaves away from the shores of the Lake of the Floating Turd Blossom. The motivation hasn't struck. Motivation has been in short supply of late.

Is it too late to incorporate a window into the wall? I will have to contemplate on this.

And hope that a dash of motivation arrives with the weekend.


Barry said...

Ah, that moment of inspiration likely leads to hours of perspiration. Try a moderation of contemplation to minimize frustration and exasperation, then run with unbridled elation to imagination
s creation.

Lola said...

Sometimes we have to give in to the lack of motivation. I've found having another around helps sometimes. But of late I've found it's better to be alone. It will pass as all things do.