Thursday, December 20, 2012

Before The Snow

It is starting with wicked winds and a light rain. According to the diagnosis it will be changing to snow and vicious winds tonight. Tree damaging, power outage, winds they say. I will venture out into the rain. Necessary preparations need to be made. Better to do them in the rain, then sit tight and enjoy the light snow delivered on blizzard winds.

There was a meeting of the noses yesterday while the weathers were still acceptable for baby kitties to be outside. Did you smell what I smelled?

There might be a varmint hiding in the Stella de Boros.

After a brief excursion outside this morning in which the determination was made that no varmint is worth getting wet over, they are back inside working on destroying the sofa and door mats. They will grow out of it to become lounge kitties. I just need patience.

How much snow will I get? Normally I add a few inches to the diagnosis which is for Clyde proper down in the valley. I'm Clyde improper as the crow flies, way out near the Tennessee border in the snow belt.

It appears that a dose of winter will be delivered on schedule tomorrow.


Cindy, MCOK said...

I hope the storm isn't as bad as predicted and the power stays on while you and the kitties snuggle up in the cozy cabin. They're saying we could get gusts up to 45 mph.

Lola said...

Sure looks like fall in the first pic. The kitties are just getting acquainted for sure. Yes, need to be prepared for bad weather.