Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End Of Anonymous Comments

I just couldn't take it anymore. They finally wore me down. The spammers were using the ability to leave anonymous - not registered - comments on a daily basis and in ever increasing numbers. The spam was filling up my inbox and it took a good deal of time to eliminate on my slow satellite internet.

No more. From now on, to leave a comment you will have to have a google account or one of the account choices of Open ID. Google is easy enough. It is fast, free and you don't even need to make a real profile.

Today was my first spam free day in many many months.

It is perfectly fine for Yucca filamentosa to have a tangle of fine hairs. They are interesting and not something I have to clean up. All that spam I was getting was like loose threads all over the blog that I was constantly having to cut off. Enough.

There was actually the finest dusting of snow this morning. It was certainly much colder. I had a short day at work and came home early enough to paint a little, but the promised sun never appeared. It was still only 31 degrees when I came back, well below the operating temperatures for paint. You can get the idea of what will happen to the front porch posts and railings when painting weather returns from the bit I have done so far. There will also be a hint of red directly below the roof line from the main girder when that gets painted.

The garden slope below the cozy cabin is also like a paint job in progress. The low mounding tapestry of texture and color must have winter appeal. I can't say I completely planned it. I can say I like it. What seems to be happening are long bold stripes of varying evergreen color. I need to add to it and make it even more pronounced. Growth will help of course too.

Bold color in a barren forest in the dead of winter, repeated for flow and unity in the overall design.

I'm beginning to think the idea that my garden should blend in to the natural surroundings is going to fall by the roadside. In the summer Lush it won't be a problem. When the forest gets naked and winter arrives, a garden in the forest will still be there.


Janet QueenofSeaford said...

I understand the need to end anonymous comments. There is a lot of spam.
You all got snow? How funny.

Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher! You are forcing me to remember my Google password. Tried to leave you a comment on yesterday's post and saw the changes you made....

The cozy cabin is looking stunning! Love the color combinations, and it really stands out more in the recent winter photos you have posted. The garden to be is really becoming too! All is looking great!


Dianne said...

Siria is right..the cozy cabin is stunning. We only got snow flurries on the Tennessee side, but it was cold. Guess it will be colder in the morning, but there is a promise of sun.

Lola said...

It is looking quiet lovely. I really like the porch the same as the Cozy Cabin.
I was wondering what had happened.

Christopher C. NC said...

Janet we got a trace of snow at the most. I see a suggestion for more next week.Yea the spam was out of control.

Thanks Siria. Once I finish painting I need to put hard wire under the eaves to keep the bats out so I don't have those white urine streaks down the side of the cozy cabin. I think they have moved to a cave for the winter, no sounds or signs of them lately. I never log out of anything, makes having to remember a password happen less often.

Dianne there was promise of sun yesterday. It's starting off overcast again today at 29 degrees. Could spit a few more flakes.

Lola it will look much better once the front porch is the same color as the cozy cabin. All that unpainted wood stood out like a sore thumb.

I decided to just try eliminating anonymous before going to captcha. I hate those. Can't ever read them.

Barry said...

Like lemmings, the anon's will go to a dead end, never realizing the futility of the process. Good riddance.
Your evergreen quotient someday will make a winter garden to surprise and delight as the Lush falls - you are truly an artist.

Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher...I am practicing trying to remember my password by not waiting too many days before logging on again. Unfortunately, when you have more than one person in the house sharing the computer, you just can't leave it logged on. Alos...just a comment...I wish there were "like" and "love" buttons under each comment as I really like many of the other comments posted!

Christopher C. NC said...

Barry all that spam never got posted. You wonder why they bother. I wait all season to see my baby evergreens and then sadly watch them all winter hoping to see them grow.

Siria I have a password cheat sheet I keep on my desk for when I forget. One of the problems with staying logged on is every so often for security many places log you off or if you clean the computer you can get logged off. After all that time it is hard to remember some of the passwords.

Rose said...

I've noticed a lot of spam on my posts lately, too, but they're all on older posts so that I can moderate them, i.e., dispatch them to the round file immediately:) I agree--I wonder why they bother, since they never get published anyway.

I don't always leave a comment, but I've been enjoying seeing how your garden has changed over the past season, Christopher. We're still waiting for snow here!

Les said...

I had complaints about using word verification to comment on my blog, so for a time I went commando and took it off. Well the floodgates opened, and I was spending an inordinate amount of time deleting bogus comments. Word verification is now back on.