Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Projects

My kitchen cabinets to be used for a clothes dresser arrived today. I did not ask and assumed they would come unassembled. They came assembled. Hmm?

They need to go up here.

With a great deal of determination and a rope, I got them up there.

Now I will build a base for them to sit on from 2 x 6 lumber to raise them a bit off the floor. Once that is done they will get a nice wood counter top. I'll be able to put my folded clothes inside and more objet d' stuff on top. A hanging clothes closet will be built on the right side. I need to do some more detailed construction type planning for that.

I got an hour and a half of porch painting in before I hauled the cabinets up into the loft. Tomorrow is going to be sunny and warmish, more porch painting is planned. I plan to build my cabinet base first since it will need to be stained and have time to dry before I haul it up into the loft. Sunday's diagnosis is calling for rain.

A clothes dresser and closet gets built. A front porch gets painted. Then I move on to building book shelves in both corners of the mini loft.

All that's missing for my winter projects is winter.


Lola said...

Oh wow, you have been busy. Never mind winter. They look good.

Dianne said...

An artist's home. An artist-gardener, what a winning combination.

beverly said...

Your period of lack of motivation sure didn't last long! Now let's see if I can remember the google login.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am ready for winter. That will put a push on some projects next door.

Thanks Dianne. I am a visual person and need things to look nice.

Bev my period of no motivation has lasted for about two months. I am just now feeling my more normal energy level. I think I got an intestinal parasite that has taken that long to pass.