Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Painted Something

The hardest part is getting started. It seems like it will be such a tedious process. To be honest, my energy level has been on the low side of late. Sitting, napping and contemplating seem like more than reasonable processes.

Once you get going, a methodical zen sets in and it becomes rather enjoyable. The results make it worth getting started.

How could I let another freakishly warm day in December go unpainted? I had to start sometime.

I even managed to paint the little bit by the service entrance that has been annoying me for far too long.

There is flow between the different elements. I need to paint the top of the front porch deck before I decide if I want to paint the bottom. The bottom is not a priority.

The main girders for the porch roof will get painted the Malera Vaquero Red like the rafters. That is more important. I used up the last of the red paint on the annoying telephone pole and my lattice work and will need to get more to continue.

Much better. This will slow the rubberneckers down even more. I'm sure they appreciate my efforts.

The porch and railings will get painted the Artichoke grey like the main body of the cozy cabin. I do plan to get a stain grade deck paint for the floor. I already found a good matching grey color.

The day was still freakishly warm with a couple more hours of daylight. Might as well keep going. Painting the porch railings is a bit tedious, but it has to be done. It looks better already. Much more pleasing to the eye.

I got started anyway. After the front porch there is the back porch and the long flight of stairs down to the basement patio. Just thinking about it sounds like it will be a tedious process.


Janet QueenofSeaford said...

Love the paint job. I have some painting I need to get done...blah, like you said, getting started it the hard part.

Christopher C. NC said...

Janet I have put painting the porches off for over a year. I'm running out of excuses and tired of looking at an unfinished paint job. It has forced my hand.

Lola said...

Looking good. It will be finished before you know it. I loved the freakishly warm days with the sun shining. So calm.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I love the freakishly warm days too. There are just too many of them with no cold spells in between. It is a bit worrisome.

Cindy, MCOK said...

Christopher, I love that red with the gray. You've got a great eye for color!

Here's a funny factoid for you: it's colder down here on my corner of Katy this morning than it is on your mountaintop!