Friday, December 28, 2012

Let The Clothes Closet Begin

I ordered my 42 inch high, raw pine, bifold doors today and picked up a bunch of woods to build the hanging clothes closet. The side panel of finish grade oak plywood is cut. The top shelf will be the same oak plywood. Now I need to do lots of measuring, measuring twice and thinking.

I just noticed the rough opening size requested for each of the 24 inch wide bifold doors is 26 inches in width. I have 50 and a 3/4 inches of width to use here with my side panel now in place. Who leaves an inch of space on both sides of a door like that? My bathroom's bifold closet door's rough opening is only 3/4 of an inch wider than the door itself. I'll give each door an extra inch of width for the rough opening.

I need to do some thinking. It's a wooden puzzle that has to fit together perfectly and look good when it's done. Plan B is already forming. I'm thinking. I believe nice trim work will be involved.

The shelves I had been using for my folded clothes are extra now. I will fill them with stuff, no problem.

Two heavy, square, orange painted cement pots followed me home from Florida after Christmas. This is where they landed. Where they might eventually end up is another matter. The Objets de junke that have been gathering around Turd Blossom Lake will be artfully distributed throughout the gardens one day. One day when there are gardens.

Winter is scheduled to return tonight with sleet and freezing rain. There is a good dollop of winter and snow in the diagnosis for most of next week. This is closet building weathers except for the staining part. I should be done with this long before the bifold doors arrive and have plenty of winter weathers to contemplate built in library shelves.


Lola said...

It will be fine. Can't wait to see results. It's good you will have shelves to put stuff. Seems like we never have enough shelf space.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

And this time, will Miss Collar be so accustomed to these new items of Human Storage so she will not react with the same negative air as when the previous piece was installed?

Swimray said...

Is that an electric outlet in your closet? I had a client request one in his closet so he had an out-of-the-way place to charge cell phones.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am determined it will be fine and will do what it takes to make it look good.

Cheryl, Miss Collar settled into her bed last night, had a look around, then went straight for the door and spent the night out in the cold rain.

Swimray, no good cell service up here so that plug in the closet, not planned, will be the most convenient for the vacuum since all the others are pretty much blocked by furniture.