Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Lush Life

The world is turning green fast. Shrubberies are blooming.

My work schedule is completely booked. Perhaps even over booked. I need a mini-me. I get squirrelly when I have too much on my plate and my auto response is a strong urge to retreat.

Then I come home to a red maple against a grey house. Not quite the same look as with Mayapples, but I like it. I grew this Japanese maple from a relocated single leaf seedling. Look at it now.

One would think I would come home, sit down and relax. I do relax. I just do it by taking an ever so slow stroll through a garden of a different kind, editing while I go ever so slow. The relaxing part is I am now only thinking about my own garden. All else is cast away.

The relocation of the trilliums was a fine success. I could move more or let them multiply on their own. What do I want to do with the little time I have?

Sadly, I am having a very strong urge to go pick up the trash along the scenic byway. Weeks of warm weather has generated a lot of trash. It also added a pile of old tires and a back seat to something. Am I willing to roll all that back up the hill and into a pile for the DOT to come fetch? Just the trash won't take long.

Fern fronds are unfurling. There may be time to watch that and pick up the trash depending on the weather. Tomorrow is looking wet.

On my one day off I hope to spend quiet time in the garden. Is that odd for an overbooked gardener? It certainly helps that my garden is the antithesis of my client's. It's a whole other world.

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