Saturday, April 15, 2017

First Blush For Bloom Day

The first blush in the forest begins its ascent to the mountain tops. It will be another month before the mountains are fully green.

There is plenty of Bloom Day action in the meantime. I came home to creeping phlox covered in floating butterflies.

These tiger swallowtails are most certainly freshly hatched. It has been consistently seventy plus degrees of late, rather warm for April. I think this could be another record year for okra high on the low spot.

The Fothergilla I started as rooted twigs are full grown shrubs that bloom every spring.

It's nice to have some diversity in your spring blooming flower structure. Ordinary petals can get old

Yes we still have daffodils. I believe this is Thalia, one of the last to bloom.

See 'Jane' bloom. She is a temptress. I have contemplated searching out any other Saucer Magnolia that bloom later in the season.

The first red trillium has risen in time for Easter. More are popping up by the day.

This is my lawn. The only thing missing is grass.

The successful relocation of three Uvularia is a source of great joy. May they live long and run wild.

I decided to relocate one of my three store bought Aralia cordata 'Sun King' that was planted in the shade to a sunnier location the moment I saw it poke its head above ground. I had bought the second two and planted them in sunnier places. In their first year they got bigger and bloomed while the one in the shade just crept along. No more.

It was planted in the big foliage department along with the new Cephalotaxus. My big foliage will be waking up shortly.

Up high the first blush of the forest comes in blooming serviceberry and maples. Green here begins on the ground and moves up into the trees.

So ends another April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for me. There are plenty other gardeners having Bloom Day you can visit. The lovely Miss Carol, though Potted and Pruned, is an ever so gracious host for Bloom Day. Do visit and buy her book while you are there.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful uvalaria. Luck that the transplant worked. I think it is exciting seeing the trees green up. Happy GBBD and Happy Easter.

Dee Nash said...

Good morning Christopher! Happy Bloom Day. "This is my lawn. The only thing missing is grass," made me laugh out loud. I just wrote about my lawn and how I don't really care about grass and don't mind clover and such. No perfect lawns for us I guess. I love seeing your mountain flowers and shrubs. I've tried fothergilla twice. I must not be holding my mouth right. Have a lovely Easter.~~Dee

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I do my best to get the entire root ball when things fall out of the ground. Happy Easter to you.

Dee grass to me is just the easiest way to get from one part of the garden to another. Who cares what's in it as long as it is green. Would you believe I can't grow Knockout Roses up here. They have all failed and not from rosette disease. It's odd the plants that just flat out refuse to grow in some places. It was a most beautiful Easter Day.