Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Plants grow differently in a proper garden. Things change when they are accorded their own space free of competition.

Even my mock up of the wild cultivated gardens at the Posh Estate is rather proper by comparison. Still, that is not enough of an excuse for the Mertensia virginica's refusal to perform in my garden. Why don't mine look like this?

Mine just linger and cling to existence. Is it sunshine, elevation, the soil? Why, why, why can't I have pretty Bluebells?


Lisa Greenbow said...

I have often thought that myself. I have one blue bell. It has been there for years. It just sits there. It blooms. Looks pretty but never increases. I don't know why????

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa what this means is we need to buy more Bluebells and plant them in different places until we find just the right spot. I worked in one garden where they were basically a pest. It has to be possible.