Saturday, April 29, 2017

There Was A Sign

I was attending to the planned work activities for the day. There it was, a sign that said, Native Plant Sale, with an arrow. I knew the garden where that arrow pointed. There was a very good chance they would have something I needed. When pre-work activity step one was completed, I turned around and followed the signs.

They took me to the Corneille Bryan native plant garden in Lake Junaluska as I suspected and yes indeed they had things I needed. I even knew two of the volunteers working the sale. I'm kama'aina now.

I acquired Goldenseal. I tried growing that from seed and failed. I got some Jacob's Ladder. I bought some cultivar of this and it died. At the native plant garden it runs rampant. I want rampant. I was told the secret is getting the real native, not a west coast kind. The third item I bought was Elephant's Foot. It's a bizarro aster relative not likely to be found anywhere else anytime soon. I didn't have that.

I already had a list of activities planned for tomorrow. I need to paint my pots and place them in their final homes. I want to sow my squash and melon seeds in trays of four inch pots. The roadside vegetable garden can use a bit of weeding and prep work for the planting of fine produce coming up. I am determined to pick up the trash along the top section of the scenic byway. It's piling up and making me crazy.

Now I have a few items to plant. Is there any room for them out there in the Lush?

Location matters. I need to find the right places to put them so they will live long and multiply. I can think on that some.

If any time is left over, I might even get some editing in. I have decided it is time to stop ignoring the Poisoned Ivy. I attacked a big patch of it when I got home this evening. There is plenty more.


Marsha M said...

Yikes, poisoned ivy... What do you do with or to it? Are you immune to it's wickedness? A mere mortal whose left arm is currently covered with Ms Ivy's reminders begs for the gardener's secret.

Christopher C. NC said...

Marsha I am fortunately immune to Poisoned Ivy. The only precaution I take is gloves and a shower right after I finish for the day. The only secret I have is to dig for the runner and pull up as much of that as possible. One patch on the adjoining property that visually is part of the garden, is too thick and big for pulling. That will have to be done with herbicide.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't like poison ivy. I wish I was immune. It grows rampant now. Ugh...
I love all of your little native starts. Best of luck with them.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa out of mind is out of sight. Once Poisoned Ivy got in my head, I started seeing it every where. I think I can hand pull most of it. I hope the new native plants like it here.