Thursday, April 20, 2017

Then There Where Blubells

What can I say - Don't try this at home. The Spanish Bluebells, Hyacinthoides hispanica, are in bloom. This is Bulbarella's doing. I am debating whether or not to dig and remove the ones that have crept in to my part of the wild cultivated gardens. That might only slow the process. It could be futile.

Enjoy a slow walk after a nice rain among millions of Bluebells.

Sometimes the camera has trouble capturing this phenomena.

Closer up you get the picture.

Great swaths cover the mountain top. By now they are headed into the next county.

There is a nice pink azalea too.

Lovely. It is the first of many deciduous azaleas to bloom.

This trillium has luteum. Mine doesn't. I won't know whether the babies I pilfered from this patch will be yellow or red until they get big enough to bloom. If I am lucky, I got both.

The pink azalea is quite large. Shrubs around here don't get pruned much. It's all about scale. The forest towers overhead. The shrubs can can get big and still fit in.

Yes, we have Bluebells.

Millions of Bluebells in pink, white and blue.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The bells they are ringing.

Unknown said...

OMG!!!!! Your bluebells and accompaniment are fabulous!! Hope I have some of these on my property.....but alas....I am not up there to observe. :-( I will continue to live vicariously via your posts and photos! Thank you Christopher!