Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm Thinking Yellow

It was one of those houses in the mountains with a steep driveway and nothing close to an adequate amount of space to easily turn around at the top. She wanted to replant them. He grumbled about her scratching up the cars all the time coming and going.

I said I could make them disappear and suggested smaller round plastic pots as an alternative. He leapt at the opportunity. I either saved or ended a marriage.

They came home with me. I could find a safe place for them somewhere. Where? So I thought about it. Top of the drive? No. Bottom of parking lot? No. Just more junk there. In the garden? Sure, but where and how do I get these very heavy pots down there?

I drove them down there that's how. Now I am thinking yellow. They can be painted yellow and tucked into the Lush.

After they get painted bright yellow, they will be moved two feet back and spaced about ten feet apart. One will mark a path intersection. Then I can plant something in them. What?

Yellow is a small theme color right now. Yellow will flow with daffodil season as well.

The new big heavy pots will be behind the bold foliage department. I'm still waiting for the Darmera to wake up. The fern fronds are taking their sweet time.

I could fit a half a dozen cats in one of these pots.


The Lush can swallow anything so I am not worried about big yellow pots in the garden looking out of place. I have ample room.

If you are horrified by the idea of me painting such classic styled pots yellow, don't be. If nature can turn a tree stump neon orange, I can have yellow pots.

I have a few more pots that will get painted.

Bright yellow pots will be visible from my front porch at least until the Lush grows tall. They are all freshly scrubbed and drying. I can paint on Sunday.

A little more color in the garden will be good. It can't hurt a thing.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I think yellow will be just fine. You want to see some things and yellow will bring your eye to it. I painted my big bird cage yellow this year. It looks fine sitting here on the patio. I actually had a painting fit this spring. Painted all sorts of things. It feels like I got a bunch of new things. Paint on...

Rose said...

I'm into lime green at the moment. Paint whatever color brings you joy, Christopher. Besides, I hardly noticed the pots in the photos--I couldn't take my eyes off all those mayapples!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the painting begins in the morning.

Those Mayapples are a sight to behold when they first come up Rose.