Monday, April 17, 2017

The Matrix

The Under Garden is fading into memory and with it goes any notion that I have a normal and proper garden. There are no mulched beds. Looking out over the garden, the very idea of a flower bed has been eliminated.

As the Lush grows higher, the paths and the Great Lawn become strong defining elements of the space. The garden is truly a connected whole. The paths allow you to enter and explore.

The current ecological planting design theory is the matrix. It is a layered by height community of plants that fully utilize the space. The ground is completely covered by shorter plants and the need for mulch is eliminated. In my garden that would be weeds to most.

Preferably the plants work together to reach a proximity of equilibrium to reduce maintenance. That would be weeding and in my case it is called editing, removing the unwanted.

My Fothergilla have finally reached a size and height to keep them above the lower plants all season long.

It's absolutely Fothergillery.

My garden is not proper by current ecological planting design theory either. My matrix is the real thing. It is not some recreation planned in a studio. I have to work with what nature offers. It was not planned and planted. I have to create the aesthetic planting design within the matrix I have.

I will say that my strategy of editing, removing only the annoying and unwanted and ignoring the rest, is working rather well. The plants I like are multiplying and the need for editing is getting faster and easier.

My other garden is waking from its winter slumber. That changes the feel of everything.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

It is looking very green out there now. An exciting time of year.