Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Garden Is Not Normal

It was a most excellent day in the garden. I got everything done and then some except for sowing my squash and melon seeds in trays of four inch pots. I'll get to that.

There was no rush at any point. I moved leisurely through the day. It took me two hours to pick up the trash along the scenic byway because I was botanizing the entire way.

I did the second more extensive mowing when I got back just because that little bit of tidy makes the garden look so much better and more like an intentional garden than the wild thing it is.

The new pots were made yellow

And set into place. I'm thinking big begonias for foliage or I could go tropical.

I can stare at the garden for hours. It is so not like any of the gardens I tend all week long. My garden is not normal.

With planting, editing and time, the textural complexity is beginning to really show.

The weed whacker is the chisel for this sculpture. It defines lines and edges normally done with mulch and barriers. Here height alone shows you were to walk. All the beasts that wander through actually prefer to use the paths.

I was not ready to mow the Great Lawn. A path will do for now. I have seeds ripening on my blooming weeds. The Mayapples are still fresh. This morning dozens of butterflies were nectering on the lawn. It was buzzing with all kind bugs and bees. My lawn was seething with life. I can't mow it now.

The reality of this garden is that I have paths through one giant flower bed. The Great Lawn is merely an aneurysm.

In my garden, the wild orchids bloom.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Looking lush and lovely.

Rebecca said...

Yellow is the PERFECT color!
How fascinating to see the changes in your garden from year to year.
Normal is boring.
Not so with YOUR property.

Christopher C. NC said...

It's the baby Lush phase Lisa. Another month and it will be three feet tall.

Rebecca the garden is in constant change. Watching it is amazing.

Jan O said...

I'm glad your garden is not normal. :-) So interesting.