Tuesday, April 18, 2017

After Rain

Much appreciated rain has fallen in the last two days. It prevents me from having to think about watering freshly planted shrubberies here or anywhere else. Thank you ever so much.

There was a pause after dinner. Perfect for a walk in the garden.

The garden is virescent after these gentle rains.

I wander out there mesmerized by all the life returning from inside the earth.

What new additions will return from last year and the years before? The relocated Trillium grandiflorum are on their third year I think and are getting robust. Procreation should now commence.

The seedling red leaf Japanese Maple in Mayapples has settled in to its new home.

The garden is already so verdant I gave the paths in the wet bottom an early mowing. It makes my maintenance gardener self most happy to have a touch of tidy.

Trillium luteum saves its luteum for the very end.

I love my newly relocated Uvularia grandiflora. My native wild flower collection is growing strong.

This is the wild garden of the time of vegetation and it is only getting started.


56steps said...

Your combination of tending and letting be has really materialized into something special over the years. You must have such a sense of satisfaction when you take in all that your efforts have produced.
Thanks for sharing


Christopher C. NC said...

Thank you Debra. I love my garden. It is so different from all the gardens I tend for a living and something that would actually be hard to reproduce for a client since so much puttering and strolling gets half the work (editing) done.