Monday, April 24, 2017


I was expecting the sun to come out. Instead we are getting another twenty four hours of rain. Go away. Despite the ick and the wet, the growing green Lush was sparkling with color when I returned home earlier than usual.

My weeds bloom. I curate for that.

High on the low spot, fog is a regular companion of rain. Is it fog at this elevation or is the garden reaching up to the clouds? Either way, an already mystical garden deepens in mystery and wonder.

An online plant ID inquiry sent me out to take a look at the blooming Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima'. This is the best bloom it has ever had. The flowers have been frozen by late freezes more than once. It is still April after all.

A good bloom should mean their will be chokeberries this year. So called because they are edible yet super astringent. That means they are meant for the birds.

The fern fronds continue to unfurl.

The Great Lawn is fully saturated....................with blooming weeds, as it should be. I love it when it is covered with ripe dandelion heads ready to take flight.

The Golden Ragwort, Packera aurea, is having a good bloom this year. This is a highly mobile plant in the garden. It goes from thick to thin year to year and sun to shade and back again. I don't really think it is a perennial of any duration. Certainly not in my competitive conditions.

I was already half wet from work. Wandering in a thick mist wasn't penetrating any further as I marveled at a new green garden sparkling with color in this ethereal light.

The baby Lush is full of surprises in a garden that by nature is not stable.

Permanent plants and permanent features are needed to give substance and coherence to the ever changing flow of natures handiwork.

The Mayapples are commanding attention this month. They do get pulled if they are shading or crowding a plant I want to thrive.

There are trilliums about. Their numbers have been growing as more of the thugs are removed. Curating weeds could be likened to herding cats. They will only follow your direction when they are in the mood.