Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Post Dinner Weed And Stroll

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out. That meant a post dinner stroll in the ridge top garden. I stroll with gloves, weeder and clippers just in case. Like I am not going to find something that needs to be pulled. Ha. Velcro Weed is my chosen target for these kind strolls. I always find something else that needs to die.

Miss Dinah comes with. She is happy the rain finally stopped too.

There is a nice little colony of the native Delphinium tricorne next door. I need to collect seed or move plants and get some going in my garden, This spring wild flower does fine in the shade of the forest.

 Some woodland phlox and a few bluebells.

A few more bluebells. That is a path through the middle.

Actually there are millions of Bluebells in blue, pink and white. Millions. Beware the Hyacinthoides hispanica.

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