Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today's weather diagnosis was way off. It was supposed to rain all day. Instead is was sunny, maybe 65 degrees, and was actually feeling a little summerish. See, I am getting acclimated. Frickin 65 degrees is warm now. The thunderstorm that rolled in out of the blue at sunset, added to this notion of summer time.

There are a whole lot of Daffodils blooming. This warm weather makes me worry that Bulbarella is going to miss most of the show if she doesn't come back quick. New varieties are opening every day. One of the Large Cupped ones.

A Trumpet Daffodil, maybe 'Bravoure'.

Look another Trumpet Daffodil.

I worked across the street at client number two's today, cutting down the dead Chameacyparis, three small trees and three small shrubs.

The Tazetta Narcissus are starting to bloom. This very petite flower may be 'Avalanche'.

The Puschkinia libanotica is popping up in a bunch more places. Bulbarella obviously must have planted these larger drifts. Many appear singly in random locations. Others are coming up inside the Daffodil clumps. Transplantation hitchhikers, I bet.

Ooohh! Pretty!

The wild Daffodil. It was growing on the other side of the fence. I saw this form in a catalog, one of the Double Narcissus, but not this color. Now how did it get on the other side of the fence?

I plucked the flower for this closeup.

After chopping down the Chamaecyparis, I spent the afternoon in the roadside vegetable garden forming wide flat rows for planting and raking up and burning last years debris from the perennials. Yes burned. Until I have a compost system set up, it is the easiest way to make giant piles of rubbish disappear.

I do believe this would be one of the Split-Cup Narcissus.

Lord, what division is this? It is double, has a split cup and a trumpet cup. Did I miss a whole division?

Back to the Large Cups. How about 'Ice Follies'.

Called 'Goblet', but it appears to be a Trumpet, not a Large Cup.

Drink up.

A Jonquilla Narcissus? I'm getting confused.

There are only another 6000 to go.

The Orchid nuts and the Daylily nuts and the Daffodil nuts must be from the same branch of the tree. Have I mentioned how many Daylilies there are here? Let's not forget the hundreds of Hosta either.

I will say it makes Christmas and birthday shopping for Bulbarella very easy.

Bulbarella. I think I like it.


Frances, said...

Hooray for Bulbarella! Her priorities are in the right place, filling the earth with flowers. I looked up the jonquillas, and found that the narrow foliage is how to tell, plus the smaller flowers. We are entering the late season bloom of our daffs here also. Hope Bulbarella returns in time to see the show she helped create.

Annie in Austin said...

I'm glad you liked the nickname for 'Bulbarella', Christopher ;-]

Our IL squirrels used to dig up bulbs, taste them, chomp some, and replant the rest. After a few years the 'Red Riding Hood' tulips were growing in odd places and the crocuses which had been in separate patches were all mixed up. Maybe NC squirrels do the same thing?

The 'Avalanche' & Puschkinia combination is so pretty!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Hooray for Bulbarella! That was a good one Annie. My sister sent me an e-mail and said it made her laugh.

Late season already Frances? It is only April 1st. I did read an article that said spring has been moving forward for the last two decades. I sure hope we don't get another late hard freeze.

These bulbs must have multiple methods of travel. We certainly have squirrels and other critters. I have found small bulbs on the surface fairly often. If there weren't so many I might replant them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'Bulbarella' is just perfect - I hope it sticks (plus, my God - what a wonderful place you've landed on!).

I have to confess though - that when you said it was 65 and felt like summer, I thought I'd get to the bottom of the post and have you say 'April Fools'.