Monday, March 31, 2008

Piling Up

The Daffodil pictures are beginning to backup.

It is still a ways to peak bloom, but mercy there's a lot of Daffodils here now.

I cleaned out a bed on the north side of the resident gardeners house of all the dried stalks of last year's perennials and then went and worked at my client's place this afternoon.

I don't feel like trying to name all these Daffodils.

Something new has showed up. It is looking more like a Muscari than a Scilla. If the flowers actually open with petals, than it is a Scilla. The foliage looks more Scilla like.

Alliums, some quite hefty, are coming up in a lot of places. They bloom much later than the spring bulbs. I think I missed them last year due to The Great Easter Freeze of 07. They were froze to the ground without ever having a chance to bloom.

A big clump of the Cyclamineus Narcissus.

And another.

There are a lot of Daffodils here.


chuck b. said...

I guess I wouldn't want to try to name all those daffodils either.

That sure looks like a muscari inflorescence, but the leaf is huge. There are so many kinds of Scilla.

Frances, said...

It might be muscari latifolia if the flower opens with a lighter top and darker lower bells. I also think you need to rename the crazy bulb lady, she is anything but crazy!

Christopher C. NC said...

I should just stick with Hank's suggestion and learn the Daffodil divisions.

I think you are right Frances. This morning the Muscari has a lighter top and darker bottom.

What would you suggest for the crazy bulb lady? The Bulb Diva? The Bulbaholic? The Bulbonado?

Annie in Austin said...

Mercy is right, Christopher...what beauties. I've never seen anything like the one Frances calls Muscari the photo it looks like a grape hyacinth with delusions of being an arum.

What to call a sweet person with hidden powers and talents? Bulbarella?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Frances, said...

Bulbarella, goon one Annie. I ordered that latifolia having read an article about it is an English gardening magazine the year we moved here, Van Engelen had it. It isn't as spreading as the regular muscari, but has a charm with the different colored flowers and unique leaves.

EAL said...

I've never had muscari, but they sure look great in your yard. The scilla should appear soon.

lisa said...

I think you have a "good problem" when you have so many flowering bulbs that you tire of trying to ID them. It's like your own personal bulb festival!