Friday, June 20, 2008


The summer progression continues despite a week of cool temperatures and lows in the mid forties. Now we have been declared in official drought, the second from the highest rating, extreme drought. It is definitely very dry down at Client # 1's and I have been hand watering new plants because there is no irrigation system. Up here is isn't that bad.

If the diagnosed rain doesn't come tomorrow I may decide to water some things other than the vegetables. There is no irrigation system up here either. In the desert you had an irrigation system and that was just how it was. At some point I will have to install some kind of manually operated sprinkler system or at the very least strategically located hose bibs. I don't think I could garden happily with 300 feet of hose.

That is for later. A roof is for now. The view through the half circle window on the roof wall above the front door will be something like this.

Between the wall and the first cross beam will be a storage loft with a tongue and groove floor. The stuff I put up there will have this window to look out of.

Suddenly I have the urge for a really large dog or a giant bluebird.

A Light Stone colored, corrugated metal roof has been ordered and while we wait for it to be delivered, the loft roof is being built.

A hazy summer sunset ends the day.


chuck b. said...

I'm hand-watering too. Just planted out some amaranth.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That roof looks like it will be very heavy to try to lift into place. Will you have a crane come in to lift it?

Love that last photo of your view. WOW It is postcard perfect.

Christopher C. NC said...

There have been a few drips, now the sun is out. I may need to water.

Lisa both roof sections will be lifted and placed on the cabin by crane. The view at the resident gardeners place is great. I won't have much of one until the Hemlocks finish dying and fall. Even then I am too close to the property line to cut a hole through the deciduos trees.

Unknown said...

Heh. I love dogs, but I vote for the giant bluebird. Way more fun. :)

lisa said...

It's so exciting to watch the progress! LOL giant bluebird...the window is very cool looking. I appreciated the roof link-I always wondered if a metal roof on a house is as noisy as one on a pole barn. (Good thing it's not!)