Saturday, June 7, 2008


I grew up in Florida, the land of thunder and lightening. A good thunder storm was one of things I missed living in Hawaii. There, they were infrequent to rare.

Now at 4000 feet up, we can be pretty close to the bottom of a thunder storm.

As if to announce the seasonal wheel's shift to a new phase with a definitive click, a thunder storm rolled directly over head today. Lightning struck so close I could see a flash of light in the full daylight ahead of the storm. The thunder was immediate and penetrating. It freaked me out just a bit. You grew up in Florida. You grew up in Florida. It's just thunder and lightning.

A quick half inch of rain was followed by a burning sky. There is a certain thrill to thunder storms.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great sky pictures. Thunder and lightening can be unnerving even for guys that grow up in FL.

Christopher C. NC said...

We had more thunder and lightning today and should get more this week. Practice, practice and I will get used to it again.

lisa said...

Just be careful when you're out in the storms...if the hair stands up on your arms, curl up in a ball close to the ground! No fun to be struck by lightning for sure!

Cheryl said...

Keep your electronics unplugged from both power & telephone connections. A nearby lightning strike can fry everything you own.

Great pictures. The heat lightning on a summer afternoon is also a good show.