Friday, June 13, 2008

A Rose Sandwich

The roses are blooming.


chuck b. said...

Will your bedroom be upstairs? That will be nice. Love swallowtail. I never seem to have my camera when these butterflies visit.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes the bedroom will be upstairs in the loft. That is the next roof section to build.

The butterflies here are amazing. Hundreds of them flying around all the time.

chuck b. said...

That's wonderful. I would be thrilled. Once you get established there, you can start to bring in pupae. It's an obsessive hobby for some people. This woman who's class I took was obsessed and I felt kind of obsessed too afterwards. Although I haven't gotten to the point of bringing them in.

I wonder how much space you need in order to provide a solid butterfly habitat. I have lots of host plants and nectaries for them in my garden, but as you know my space is very small and urban and there's not much for butterflies in the gardens around me.

Noone sprays pesticides (noone does anything) so that's not what's keeping them away.