Sunday, June 29, 2008

Old Barn New Barn

One of the good things about the upcoming garden tour was that it took me down roads I had not traveled yet. I saw neighborhoods you would never know existed from the main roads. The hills and forest hide much.

An old barn

With a half round roof that struck my fancy.

The new barn was at the M3 Ranch, one of the gardens on the tour.

Inside the barn were four Highland cattle, a breed from Scotland, part of a small 60 head herd at this ranch.

Work has finished on the photo editing and uploading to Blogger of Part I of the Haywood County Garden Tour of 2008. I just need to be more alert and in the right mood to narrate it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love the barns. Old barns just have so much character. It is nice that M3 didn't just build a pole barn which is all that is being built in this area. They are such a yawn.

Frances, said...

There is creativity in them thar hills, for sure. Was it apparent in the tour? I am waiting on the edge of my sofa to see your take on the locals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher,
I was not there to go on the garden tour and am also waiting on the edge of my sofa like Frances to see your post. The barns are beautiful...I have lots of pictures of the old barns in the area, but have never seen one like the one you posted.
Waiting with anticipation.....

lisa said...

I just love old barns, I even bought a calendar one year of old barn photos. We had quite a few round ones in Indiana, and several with designs in the shingles. Here in Wisconsin, there's a barn with a huge Mona Lisa painted on the a Packer's jersey. I especially like it when they turn barns into homes, I always wanted to live in one. Can't wait to see the garden tour!

chuck b. said...

My grandparents had a barn. I always wanted to clean it up and move in.