Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quality Time With The Wall

It has been a long time since I added another rock to the wall. My building contractor had to go to Florida for a week. After I finished what I knew what to do with the roof, there was time to spend on the wall. It is best to wait until the brains of this cabin building operation returns before we move on to the next step.

Someone was worried that the footing for the front porch was being eroded. It wasn't, but I went ahead and wrapped the wall around it for more protection. Don't let the picture fool you. The stones are not sitting on dirt. This extension of the wall sits on a gravel base at the same depth as the rest of the wall and the stones extend to the bottom. I was just sweeping the dirt of the landing stone.

The eventual stone floor will add another 4 to 5 inches on top of the packed gravel base. There will be one step up to exit the patio at this end. Most likely these landing stones will need to be reset. They may be an inch or two high for a comfortable step. No biggie and I don't need to worry about that any time soon.

One day there will be shrubberies in a mulched bed in front of this porch. That will add to the soil's stability.

A few more hefty stones were added along the walls length. It gained a bit more height.

It's never hard to stay busy.


chuck b. said...

I almost forgot about the wall with all the flowers and vegetables of late.

Frances, said...

Like Chuck, I forgot about the wall too. Those are some massive rock you got there. It looks so good. What kind of shrubbery are you thinking of?

Christopher C. NC said...

I see the wall everyday, so I hadn't forgotten about it. I just wasn't stressing over it.

Frances I want some type of evergreens in this front bed for year round presence, most likely nice specimen junipers or other dwarf conifers. I may add some height with a Cotinus, Cornus or Chionanthus. All is subject to interpretation when it actually gets done.

There are a few mighty big rocks, too big to be lifted into the wall that will become sculpture in the stone floor.

Anonymous said...

Your walls look GREAT! How did you get those huge rocks on your patio?

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria those huge rocks rolled out of the slope above as I cut into it for the upper wall. I can wiggle them around, but there is a limit to my strength. I figure it is better to make use of them than try to break them up.