Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weeds In The Vegetable Garden

A new Iris is blooming in the upper utility meadow.

I often walk through the upper utility meadow to get to the vegetable garden and to my house. The Goats Beard, Aruncus dioicus is blooming too.

The whole vegetable garden is surrounded by weeds like this rootstock rose.

This looks a bit like a wild rose that is blooming all over these mountains right now.

The vegetable garden is surrounded.

The Vetch comes in two colors.

I am trying to organize my weeds. Sometimes I wonder about the long term feasability of that.

This combo of Ox-eye Daisy, Coreopsis and Daylily in the vegetable garden is nice. Dozens of the Ox-eye Daisy have sprouted in the green strips on both sides of my drive. I like the idea of driving through a field of Daisies to get home. I think I will encourage them.

Another look at the new Iris on the way back.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That is a lovely iris. It looks a lot like 'Seagull' which I have in my garden. Yours may be a crisper white than 'Seagull'.

Yes, a drive lined with daisies would be lovely. Plus they would light the way when you come in at dusk or evening.

Annie in Austin said...

The pretty weeds are a lot harder to pull or cut than the ugly sprawling kinds, aren't they, Christopher! Your new white iris is a beauty.

Are there any critters around that seem to be watching your vegetable garden grow? There are a couple of squirrels here that seem to be counting the green tomatoes.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christopher C. NC said...

Lighting the driveway with Daises, what a nice thought.

Christopher C. NC said...

Annie, There were parts of intestines and a tiny speck of fur at the top of my drive two days ago. I have heard the coyotes and seen their tracks. I hear several owls almost nightly. Yesterday I saw a white domestic cat in the vegetable garden. We have no near neighbors. I think the predators may be protecting the vegetables.

After all these years there are mostly only the pretty weeds left. A few Foxglove have shown up in the last couple of days.

chuck b. said...

With weeds like those, who needs plants?!

One of my garden fantasies (for the future, when I have more land) is a daisy garden; basically a long, deep bed planted mostly with as many different kinds of daisy-type asters that I can find with a range of colors, heights and habits. Sunflowers, Shastas, tarweeds, osteospermum, etc. And a minimum of bunchgrasses for structure.

It would be krazee.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, it looks like such an amazing place, already! How beautiful. I love the idea of lighting the driveway with daisies too - how perfect. (And on a previous post - how nice to get a gift of tropials! That must have made you smile quite a bit).

Here, along the coast - we have been terribly hot (but then you guys might be a bit warmer than usual too). I have my sprinkler going as I write this - I hope this heat 'breaks' soon!

lisa said...

Your weeds are my favorite kind! I'm on the same wavelength as Chuck-I always wanted to grow a huge mix of everything daisy-like. You'd sure have the space with a nice long driveway.