Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Another Universe

There are still days and times when I continue to feel as though have I stepped into some strange new parallel universe. A life without a strict routine or a real job, that is spent building new things, planting and tending new gardens and surrounded by an ocean of wildflowers, still seems some what surreal.

How did I get to this magical place?

The front wall in the roof section is framed in to contain a half circle window above the roof line of the covered porch. The loft roof will rise above behind this with the same 45 degree pitched roof. The loft wall above this roof line will have a glass block cross of equal arm lengths, a plus sign if you wish. I will be living in a cabin that has the form of a mini-cathedral, my sanctuary in the forest.

Some folks are quite anxious to move in. Below my floor, between each floor joist, individual apartments are being setup. Thank goodness most of the tenants are birds. The young should be fledged by the time we are ready to insulate and close it all up.

I don't think I should let this unit get much bigger than the tennis ball size that it is now. At some point an eviction notice will be served.

Perhaps it is the altitude that leads to a light attitude, mostly free of worry, enjoying the here and now.

This is life in a field of daisies.

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