Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Fading Light

There are days when you just seem to hit some kind of wall. That was today. My brain woke up briefly around 3pm. Otherwise this was a zero energy day with a mild headache. What could it be?

The fourth day of destruction for the turd box ended with an approval by the powers that be and the start of covering up the whole mess. The two Black Cherry trees came down without crushing the cozy cabin at least. Was that big one supposed to fall that way? Is all this destruction to blame?

Speaking of gas filled boxes, the oven, I found, was the last click away from being off. Had I been breathing carbon monoxide during the night with the windows all closed due to the new chill in the air?

This new chill in the air is scheduled for the whole week. Is my body acclimating from its tropical origins all over again? Does this happen every year? How long does it take?

The news of the weird, I mean world, has been unsettling this week. Not surprising, but still a lot to take in. I just put in a $5000 dollar turd box and am tragically under-employed.

There is no real schedule for a person that is tragically under-employed and it is my nature to keep going until there is no go left. Perhaps I just ran out of steam. That is when the guilt for being lazy kicks in, when I am exhausted. Brains can be such fun. Shut up brain.

My very nice mail carrier gave me some "sang" seeds, Ginseng, Panax quinquefolius. This came about when I asked if she knew anyone who might be missing Chow Fun. Maybe she said he belonged to the guys my neighbor in the Kingdom of Madison found digging "sang" on his property and held at gunpoint until they were hauled away by the Feds. I told her I hadn't seen any Ginseng on my land. Of course not, it is long gone she said.

The seeds take sixteen to twenty two months to germinate, coming up their second spring. Growers stratify the seed in sand boxes sunk in the ground then plant them the following fall. So I did manage to stratify my Ginseng seeds in sand today. It only takes four to five years after germination to have a harvestable size root.

Another item for the roadside possum stand that may be in my future to help pay for the turd box.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! You are too funny...another great post, even when you aren't feeling well. I sure hope you weren't inhaling gas fumes all night. I am jealous that you have had a chill in the air. It is in the low 80's here even before the sun comes up! I am due for a change of weather since summer officially ends Monday.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you feel better very soon Christopher. It's no fun being under the weather no matter how small. Maybe you just need to rest a bit to get a second wind, {as they say}.
As to what you planted it will do much better in the forest where it is more shaded. I had some once-took the leaves from a stem & pressed it. It is an unusual plant. If you ever see it you won't forget it. The berries are unique & pretty.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I blame all of these sorts of maladies on allergies. The unseen, unknown, unexplained allergies often attack but especially this time of year when the mushrooms start spraying spores around.

Anonymous said...

OMG Christopher, it is lucky you are still alive! And you wonder why you feel bad? Earth rendered, gas poisoning, working yourself to exhaustion, Bulbarella!!! Talk to this guy and get him on the right track! The box covered up and the trees down and the okay by the utility are all great steps forward. Semi's father in law harvests and sells ginseng on their acreage and makes some extra money at it, very valuable crop. You might have to get you a shotgun to protect it from poachers though. ;->

Anonymous said...

I'm with Frances, wondering if the headache is related to the oven. However, I think it might also be related to the fact that you seem to work yourself to death every day! Maybe your body was just asking for a day off.


lisa said...

In my experience, the temperature acclimation DOES happen every year as the seasons change. Personally, summer heat is the toughest...I just don't take heat well. Then once I spend a few days out in it, no big deal. PLEASE be careful with gas in the house...I know you don't need another expense right now, but consider buying a smoke alarm with a CO2 detector. It could save your life.