Thursday, September 4, 2008

Found It

Summer is alive and well at points further south. Sweaty, sticky, Oh crap, it is gonna be a hot return to summer.

A humid hot, that fogs glasses and camera lenses when stepping out of an air conditioned condo.

It has only taken one full year to turn me into a complete snowbird.

The kind that gets red lobster sun burn on the tops of my very white feet and under exposed upper torso. How could this be? I used to be from Hawaii.

It is good to be back on top of my cool mountain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Welcome home. I was wondering where you went off to. No matter how nice a trip you have, it is always so nice to come home isn't it? Just think how much nicer when you can go home to your beautiful cabin! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, My sentiments exactly as siria's. Had gotten a little worried there, just for a minute. lol Sure glad you're back.

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, welcome back and we missed you. I did know where you were and was wondering if any hurricane related weather affected your visit. I would take you mountain any day over the coast, no questions asked.

Christopher C. NC said...

My thoughts exactly Siria. Nice to come home, it will be even nicer when it is fully my own home.

My previous post was a hint Lola, otherwise you don't want to adverise on the internet you will be gone.

Frances, we were lucky with no hurricane weather, but we kept a close eye on things. We could use more hurricane rain up here. It looks like it hasn't rained since I left.

Anonymous said...

Me too. There is nothing to compare to the mtns. They get into your blood & if you leave they keep tugging at your heart & calling you home.
Sorry, I missed the hint. Duh, on my part.