Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When Pigs Lie

Barack Obama quote:

“John McCain says he’s about change, too — except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics. That’s just calling the same thing something different.”

“You can put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change; it’s still going to stink after eight years.”

The Lie brought to you by lying liars with an output as abundant and as bold as the goldenrod in early fall.

Update: The "Lipstick" web ad to which "The Lie" linked to is gone. Is it possible that when you call a liar a liar they stop telling the lie? I'll believe that when the Alaskan Queen of federal and oil pork (oink oink) stops saying she stopped the Bridge to Nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! I am so over the politics. It seems like they have been campaigning for years now, doesn't it? I am ready to just go and vote, aren't you?!

That goldenrod is beautiful! Is there any hint of fall in the trees yet?

Christopher C. NC said...

Politics has been turned into the longest running freak show with the cooperation of their lap dogs in the coporate main stream media.

I say shoot all the journalists.

There are a few trees, very few showing color. I think it's from the former drought.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long until the trees start showing their color. For now the wild flowers will fill in. That Goldenrod is gorgeous. Do you have much of it around your cabin area?

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was obvious by that statement he was saying Governor Palin smelled like an eight-year-old fish.

It's getting pettier and pettier and I have less respect for McCain for allowing this foolishness take over what could have been the most honorable, intelligent presidential run in decades.

Annie in Austin said...

NPR's All Things Considered strung together sound bites of many politicians using that phrase during the last few years - everybody and his brother pulled it out at some point, including John McCain using it in reference to refitting Bill & Hilary Clinton's health plan.

So Sarah Palin thinks everything is supposed to be about her?


Frances, said...

It's okay to call Hillary a pig with lipstick but not Palin? I do have to admit that the choice of her for his VP was pure unadulterated genius, evil genius but still a brilliant political move. They will get the younger mother vote, the solid rep. vote, they had that anyway, the religious right vote and the vote of the young men who only care about *hotness*, we'll call it the hot vote. Sigh. The dems may once again snatch defeat from the jaws of can't lose. ;-<

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the upper utility meadow is a sea of goldenrod. Not so much of it my lower section.

Jim I could have voted for Mccain until he started campaigning for president and showed his true lack of honor and integrity.

Annie the saying Lipstick on a pig is older than Sarah Palin and the state of Alaska.

Frances, evil genius until you look below the surface, which sadly the media and much of the public is too busy and distracted with the fluff for.

Anonymous said...

I was actually excited when it came down to McCain & O. I can't remember two candidates as qualified to steal our attention running for president. I don't agree with McCain often, but, at the time, considered him to be smart, balanced and looking after the interests of more than just his political party. Others call it maverick. I consider it just being reasonable.

I definitely changed my mind when McCain came to Buffalo for a fundraiser. For the few hours he was here, he did no interviews, no press conference and did no speaking engagements. Not a word to the public. The reporters were so flummoxed to not get a glimpse of him that they had nothing to report on except for the war & woman's rights protesters across the street from the fundraiser. Who advises this guy?

He was able to abscond with more than a million dollars from the fundraiser from this community that can hardly afford to have another million dollars leave our local economy. And he wouldn't even say hello.

Anonymous said...

Well, I try very hard not to get involved in politics (raises my blood pressure) but I ask the female readers of this blog: why are women so gullible??!! I will vote for a ticket JUST because it has a woman on it, when the aforementioned pig flies. Evaluate 'em on the merits, I say, and Palin doesn't cut it in my book (neither did Hilary). But it would seem we ladies have a long way to go with our collective self confidence.
And BTW, the goldenrod is gorgeous and I hope the cabin goeth well.


Christopher C. NC said...

Jim until the RNC's Ministry of Truth got a hold of him, McCain had a chance with me. The worst part is he didn't even resist.

Bev you and I think a bit a like. Hillary didn't cut it with me either, which was why McCain used to be an option. Without trying I can think of three republican women with more substance. Two that I loathe, Elizabeth Dole, NC's senator and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas. The governor of Hawaii is a republican women and is actually quite good, Linda Lingle. She was the mayor of Maui County before governor of Hawaii. Hawaii has more people than Alaska and an entrenched democratic dominated politic that she had to beat to become governor. She would have been way better. Problem is she is Jewish, not a fundamentalist Christian and rumours abound she is a lesbian.

Maui County actually just voted in a pretty well known to be lesbian as its new mayor, Charmaine Tavares, right before I left. She is the daughter of one of Maui's long time mayors.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy Christopher...see what you started here! As for me...I am with Bev 100%.

chuck b. said...

I've only recently started to pay serious attention to politics during this cycle. Usually, I pay attention sooner, but with all the drama going on with the Democratic Party, I didn't care.

As it stands for me, I don't get the point of Obama at all. People seem to like him because it's cool to like him. He's supposed to be all changey, but what's new? And then he picked Biden? Biden isn't new. He's been around since I was four years old. In the House of the Back 40, we think Hillary would have been a better choice (tho' not without problems) and are sorry that didn't happen. I actually wanted the Hillary vs. Giuliani match-up when were denied it by Giuliani's testicular cancer.

But back to Barack, during the recent unpleasantness between Russia and Georgia, I realized the last person I wanted to hear from on the subject was Obama, and he was the last person to speak, so that worked out well.

McCain seems fine to me. I think 73 is only moderately old. If he was 76, I'd say it's a drawback. He doesn't seem to have a strong personal constituency, so his message is unclear. He has respect, but very few friends. He's a reformer. Okay, I can understand that. And the Republican base has antipathy toward him. Well, anything that makes be base uncomfortable turns me on as a gay man living in San Francisco.

I like Sarah Palin quite a lot. Why aren't there more people like her in politics? She seems like a natural with ample, intuitive management skills. I'm not going to say her religious background is whacky and scary (that's a polite take on her in San Francisco). My one point of issue is abortion. Some people say the embryo and everything subsequent deserves moral value equal to actual children, or adults. That position as a matter of moral viewpoint is fine. But what do advocate for the law? I can't imagine living in a country where a pregnant woman wh o doesn't want to be pregnant and cannot obtain an abortion. If a zygote is a person, what happens during a miscarriage? 10 to 50 percent of pregnancies terminate spontaneously. Do those become "missing persons reports"? "Murder investigations"? Why not? And what incursions are we willing to make on the liberties of a pregnant woman who doesn't want to be pregnant? I'm not clear about that. Let alone, how it would be Constitutional, or politically viable. Whatever.

Iraq: We're there, we must win. However we got there--I don't know. It doesn't matter, I think. It's our word that we're there and we're staying until it's fixed. If we abandon that, our country is incredibly, unbearably diminished. and it would become much more dangerous that it ever was. People can't trust us anymore.

Bush has been a blunderbuss. He should have increased the surge months and months ago. Instead he was hamstrung by Rumsfeld. No real clear doctrine. Very sad. Thousands died needlessly and made things more dangerous than they should have been. All goes back to the first Operation Desert Storm when th elder Bush left Saddam Hussein in power at the end of it. A HUGE disaster, because he couldn't get Europe to sign on to finish the job.

Increasingly, I think Europe exists for the pleasure of Americans.

Will they do a town hall meetings? That would be great, and helpful for me. I'm leaning McCain / Palin. Very contrariwise for San Francisco, especially, gay, educated, middle class San Francisco. Ultimately, I just don't expect much from the president about policies that directly affect my life. I look for their perspective on international scene, and business development. We need to develop more businesses in this country.

Well, that's me.

Christopher C. NC said...

Well Chuck if you are for more war with Iran and Russia and the likely hood of a draft and a massive new surge in the national debt, not that that matters much since it doubled over night when Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae went into receivership for the taxpayers to bailout due to Republican economic policy and if you like incompetant fundamentalist ideologues being hired for running most government agencies, forcing their anti-science views onto working policy and decision making than McCain/Palin is your dream ticket.

Anonymous said...

Hoo, you unleashed the gates on chuck there. His views are a big surprise to me for some reason. But I have to respect them if not agree with them. I personally think Biden was a wise choice. Boring but wise. Obama is flashy enough, he didn't need that like McCain did. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Shoot almost all the journalists if they let lies stand and let gutter politics succeed, again. As long as Karl Rove tactics are allowed to fool the public, we'll never have competent or compassionate government again.

And btw, Biden is one of the best lawmakers Washington has ever seen, and he's great on the issues.

lisa said...

She sucks ass...can I say that here? She is a deer in the headlights on forign policy, and even though she can pull an "Indiana Jones" on Charlie Gibson and drink him under the table, I wouldn't want her coaching my softball team! (Well ok, she's reasonably athletic and cute as hell to attract cute boys so I get her backsplash :), but V.P of the USA? thanks.