Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now Up: Voting for 2008 BlogAsheville Awards

I'm scared. The Blogger Staff of Power is an awesome responsibility.

There is another little contest. I don't know that there are any prizes, but I like a creative challenge.

Extravablogiversapaloozathon Party Posters

Click on the image to expand them.


Anonymous said...

Party on & have a blast. All work & no play makes for a dull person.
Seriously, Have a lot of fun, Christopher. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to vote for your poster, or are we voting out here in the blogdom?

I want Uncle Ernie to win a big prize!


Christopher C. NC said...

I'm not sure how the voting will work Frances. It will happen at BlogAsheville.

For the posters, submissions are open til next Wednesday and they mentioned clapping, which may be comments. Mine need to be posted there first.

Voting for the blog categories should start soon with directions on how to vote at BlogAsheville.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! I just came over from blogasheville to see if the voting had opened for the Blog Asheville awards yet. I was surprised to see your beautiful poster, so I voted for your entry! And then I came over here to see if you had posted anything last night and again found your beautiful poster(s).

For your loyal readers that want to vote for either the poster or the Blog Asheville awards, go to "blogasheville dot blogspot dot com". Post a comment on the poster and that is your vote. The voting for awards has not opened yet, but is supposed to be up today. Voting for both will be through next Wednesday Sept 24 and you don't have to be from the Asheville area to vote, but need a Google or Blogger account! You won't see me as Siria, but as Heaven Scent which is my blogger name although I haven't started blogging yet. One of these days...maybe. Until then I just love reading all the wonderful posts from all of you.

Good Luck! I just love that view down the winding road. Is that Uncle Ernie's view from the veggie garden?

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria that is the view looking down at the road from the resident gardeners place. The voting is now up and running. Heaven Scent was the name of my grandmother's garden in Orange Park Florida.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Yes I just saw that the voting has started and I cast my votes. When we bought our home over the mountain from your place about 4 years ago, I wanted it to have a name. Of course my husband and kids all participated, but my name won and Heaven Scent it is! What a small world I always say. I am sure your Grandmother's garden was a lovely place and I hope one day my garden at Heaven Scent will be too.

Anonymous said...

I cast my vote for you, Christopher. Good luck.