Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's A Wrap

This week it was a challenge to know what day it was. Even concentrating did not definitively convince me that I knew where in the week I was. One day moved seamlessly in to the next. With no need, I have not left the mountain since I think last Sunday, when I locked myself out of my truck and had to pay $50 bucks to get back in.

Each day a little more gets done. There is plenty to do. Six hours with a chainsaw began the cleanup of the butchered trees, felled and mangled so that I can do in the woods what bears do.

I wear no watch. The owls tell me when it is 4:30 each afternoon. A rhythm becomes perceptible despite the fact I do not know what day of the week it is.

The Japanese Anemone tell me it is fall. September 22nd at 3:40 pm is the Autumnal equinox. I now know to watch for the Anemone. I must have these purest of white blooms in my own gardens, a great end to the season.

Seven hours on a ladder ended with more of the cozy cabin wrapped and two more windows in. I ran out of the Lowes house wrap and didn't quite get to the end, but that little bit is all that is left of wrapping the entire first floor level. The loft is way way up there on the back and downhill sides. It gets a little scary way way up there on a ladder. That will have to wait for the scaffolding.

Tomorrow I will go to town to work for Client #1 and stock up on supplies. I may not leave this mountain again until BlogAsheville's Extravablogiversapaloozathonamado. Voting is open until Thursday at 11:59 for the awards. Even if you don't vote, there are a lot of great bloggers in the Asheville area worth checking out. The whole list is in the left sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, I can picture you working on the mountain unaware of anything else going on in the world. You are becoming one with the mountain, lucky man. The cabin is coming together so beautifully, it looks very welcoming already. I can't wait to see what you decide you must have in your own garden. I have dark pink anemones that you are welcome to, if you want. I don't know the best time to dig them, but will be happy to add that color if you wish to the white.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christopher! I hope this week you feel a little more rested than last week. I know you are working hard getting everything done that needs to get done on your cabin and garden before the winter comes so you can spend that time working on the interior. In addition to the physical stress, I know the mental stress has got to be wearing you down too. Your cabin is so beautiful...I love that photograph looking up from the sunny utility valley with the clear blue Carolina sky in the background. A cozy cabin indeed!

Good luck this week and have a great time at the Blog Asheville's Extravablogiversapaloozathonamado.

Anonymous said...

I too can imagine you hard at work on your "special" place. But you do need to take it a little easier. If you're laid up sick what then.
It's coming along rather fast now. How do you plan to handle the poop shoot drain coverings? Will you be able to do any kind of gardening or just let it grass over? Then there's the down side of coverings--keep them from washing when rains come down heavy.
I know how it is to work & not know what time it is. It seems to be a very pleasant tiredness.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances, as you can imagine there are the dark pink Anemones here already. For whatever reason they don't appeal to me near as much as the pristine white ones.

Siria and Lola, I doubt I work any harder than having a real job. I am bound to get wore out a times. That's just how it goes.

Lola I will be able to plant beds right over the drain fields. They are almost 24 inches deep. No trees on them though.