Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Turd Box

What a mess! You can see why my gardening efforts have been confined to small strategic locations so far.

The drain field amounts to three 80 foot long lines with nine feet between the lines. This is over kill for the cozy cabin. The septic system is planned for the future house as well and is sized for a four bedroom system.

The main drain line has to come from way over there.

To get to the drain field on the far side of the sunny utility valley.

That is where the turd box goes. That's what the man called it. This location is between the cozy cabin and the future two bedroom house. Both will feed into the same turd box and drain field.

The two Black Cheery trees, Prunus serotina, between the cabin and the trackhoe have to come out, mainly because I do not want two eighty foot tall trees that now have three quarters of their root systems compromised that close to the cabin. The wind howls up here in the winter when the fronts come through. I do not want to be worrying about getting squashed like a bug while I am huddled inside trying to stay warm.

One of the good things about all this destruction is that a fresh supply of rocks is being unearthed. I like rocks.

It has been too gray and wet for me to continue wrapping the cozy cabin with tar paper and house wrap. It needs to be dry when I cover it. So I spent some time with the wall today and my new supply of rocks.

The view from the basement patio will look out over the drain field gardens. Just think how lush they will be with the extra moisture coming from the turd box.

The land will heal and over the winter while the ground is bare I can collect the rocks left on the surface and plan the flow of beds for the real gardens to come at Ku'ulei 'Aina.


Anonymous said...

Progress. It's a shame to have to tear something up so to make progress for what you need. But as you say the land will heal. Yippee, more rocks to use--the better.
I agree your Grandmother's garden must have really been something. I know you were proud of it. The whole plan is coming together & it's looking great. Please keep us informed.
My vote goes for you also.

Anonymous said...

How quaint the local jargon. HA I was reading about Siria's name being the same as your grandmother's garden...good karma there.
My vote has been cast and the clan alerted to participate.
The rock wall missed you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't envy you the mess but the rocks...thats a different story. How nice that the backhoe hefts them up for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Now that I see the process, I am so glad my turd box was done before I bought my house and saw the whole process. But now that it is done you can begin with all your beautiful gardens. I love that last photo in the slight fog.

wesleyjeanne said...

We just had our turd box placed for a house we're building for my dad next door to us. The installer didn't call it a "turd box", though. Interesting lingo. We keep calling it the "poop chute".

I like seeing the progress on your house. very interesting. I wish we could be building my dad's house ourselves and make it as environmentally friendly and unique as you are. Alas, we haven't the resources or time with two small children, jobs, and my husband in graduate school. I am watching your progress with envy.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Wesley Jeanne, when I saw the picture of your dad's house a few days ago, I had a cow! My Lord, they are a head of me and she only mentioned building a house at the beginning of the summer. Envy can be a two way street. Good luck with your project and the Blogasheville awards, you excellent vote getting photographer you.

lisa said...

Be glad those black cherry trees came out...when I was in high school, our neighbors had SIX of those monsters come down all around their yard. It was just a high wind, too...not even a tornado! Thankfully none landed on their house, but what a mess.