Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Treeless Blue Sky


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Oh...what a gorgeous blue sky!!! What happened to that poor tree?

Boy...I don't recognize that old barn. Is it on 209 or Upper Crabtree Road?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic Christopher. So much depth-a lone, leafless, bare limed statue of Mother Nature. It has witnessed many seasons. Now it reaches for that ultimate blue sky for warmth to carry it through another season of cold bitterness.

Anonymous said...

Please send me some blue sky! It has been almost a week! At least I can see blue here.

Christopher C. NC said...

These dead oaks, I think, are on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Frying Pan Mountain just south of Pisgah Inn. Who knows what happened, fire, old age? There are other perfectly fine large oaks there.

Siria that barn is on 209 across from the red brick industrial looking building right before you turn onto Upper Crabtree Road.

Layanee our blue sky is hit and miss right now. With a low of 46 this morning, the sun sure feels good when it peaks through.