Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Gardens

One the very same street less than half a block apart are two very different gardens. The first has the gardener's nightmare, dry shade under large trees, made only worse by many of the trees being Black Walnut. The gardener gardened anyway.

Earlier in the season the one sunny spot was filled with blooming perennials. Hosta filled the terraced front garden. Then there was hail and then there was drought. The gardener gardened on.

The gardener grows lovely plants in pots on a very shady front porch.

In a spacious back yard in a good deal of shade the new garden expands. In the pseudo sunny center section a vegetable growing area was set aside and winding down for the season.

Then it was pointed out to me. The front garden was filled with faire houses. Hiding in the hosta and daylilies, there were at least four of them. A child had found them there.

Filled with fairies and children, this garden can't go wrong, no matter the shade and Black Walnuts. The gardeners will garden on with their children.

Just down the street is another very small front garden blessed with full sun and a gardener with an adventurous spirit. You won't find many of your average ordinary plants in this garden. Cast off metal was repurposed into sculpture and every square inch of space except for the paths was packed with plants.

A small weeping cherry tree did cast shade over a portion of this small garden. Metal scraps are used for edging and river rocks made up the paths.

Head high lush in a space that might measure 25' x 30'.

Herbs and perennials shared space in the sun.

It seems there is a rather sizable number of gardeners in Asheville who haunt the metal salvage yards on a regular basis. They sell stuff by the pound not artistic value.

Some part/object was cut out of this metal sheet in a manufacturing process. The rest is discarded. Or did an artist create this?

Right at the edge of the very narrow street, a miniature garden carried the lush of an adventurous gardener right to the curb. Small metal objects are scaled to the miniature garden.

These two gardens were half a block apart on one street in West Asheville and there were a number of other gardens worth inquiring about in between.


Indie said...

I love your saying - filled with fairies and children, this garden can't go wrong! It just seems to capture the true essence of a garden!

I also like the little miniature garden - very cute!

Lola said...

2 very lovely gardens. Children & gardens go together. Isn't it the child like in us all that forms gardens?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What wonderful spaces. I especially like the minature garden.