Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Constant Craving

A minor adjustment of the Under Garden happened. This is Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Kosteri'. Says 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. We shall see how long that will take high on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top.

They are the two small green dots towards each end of the Blue Star Juniper. There were only two. I wanted three.

It took a decade to get the Under Garden to this point. I'm still making minor adjustments. It took who knows how many years for the Ring of Crocus to become visible from outer space on my front porch perch. The camera can't quite see it like the eye.

How big will it be in another decade?

The minor adjustment was initiated by the poor performance of the Emerald Spreader Japanese Yew. They grow about a quarter an inch a year and get repetitive foliage damage. They can stay, but they are being replaced in the pattern of things.

Can you see it now?

I wandered next door to Bulbarella's house, making final preparations for her return this weekend. The daffodils are looking good.

The week ahead is looking excellent weather wise for the lift off of a Bulbapaloozathon. Keep your fingers crossed.

The carpet of bulbs rising from the ground is in many respects mind boggling.

They bloom in waves across the mountain top. The stinze in Puschkinia, spreading.

It's a truly wild garden next door.


Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: We got some good rain overnight and no "severe" storms. Phew. Good luck with the Kosteri. I have Nana Lutea and I love the golden tips but it's a dwarf so it just seems to have grown s.o.o.o s.l.o.w. Maybe that's a somewhat false impression since the bushes were small to begin with. My Daphne blooms are opening and every morning I go out on the porch to breath in that beautiful scent. Heaven. Stay dry. Warm regards, Gypsy

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Cute little shrublets. They will grow and fill in. Nice color on them. Love seeing the circle of crocus.

Sallysmom said...

Hey, Chris, does your mom still order daffs for you to plant?

Sallysmom said...

BTW, are you on Instagram?

Frances said...

Dear Christopher, I am so happy to see you and Bulbarella are still happily living the gardener's dream up there on the mountain! May the bulb explosion be the best ever and the gardens give you both much pleasure.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Gypsy, I got some good rain followed by some light freeze which is good to slow things down. When they get too far along with the warm, it makes them more prone to late spring freeze damage.

Lisa the new shrublets have very good color contrast with the rest of the evergreens which is a what I want.

Sallysmom, Bulbarella's bulb buying has slowed because her knees are shot and she can't really do much these days. I don't want to be overly helpful because it only leads to garden expansion. I have enough to take care of now. No, not on Instagram.

Hello Dear Frances. I hope you are doing well. This is looking to be a stellar year for the bulbs - so far. Fingers crossed no ugly winter storms.