Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post Mangled Bloom Day

Taraxacum officinale, but we can leave the blooming weeds for another post on another day.

The mangled Bulbapaloozathon continues. Spring can not be denied.

The late bloomers survived the heavy snow storm the best. Without open flowers, their bloom stalks were less likely to bend and snap.

This one is bold.

Stray tulips linger in the ridge top garden from the few attempts to plant them during moments of catalog weakness no doubt.

Tiny Fritillaria meleagris are said to wander the garden.

Flowering Quince, Chaenomeles.

Iberis sempervirens

These are kind of cute. The double cups in the center remind me of Pikake.

Pockets of the still upright Bulbapaloozathon remain where many of the late bloomers are grouped together. Horrible thought -- trying to reorganize 10,000 daffodils by bloom time so future storms might only damage certain sections. It would be interesting to possibly watch the peak bloom flow across the ridge top garden.

For the world wide diversity of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day be sure to visit the international headquarters located in the cosmopolitan heartland of Indianopolis, Indiana.


lola said...

All are gorgeous but I really like the Flowering Quince. Do you think I could sneak it in my zone?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, you are on the southern end for Quince, but you could give it a try. Here is a Floridata page on Quince.

Grace Peterson said...

I don't think I could leave those daffs alone. I'd be picking them like a carefree kid. I like the little mountain lion in the background of one your pictures. Looks so fierce and cute.

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, now that would be a sight, if you could somehow manage to group the daffs by bloom time and let it be a crowd wave across the garden! Maybe on a smaller scale at the cozy cabin, when you have some free time of course. I would plot it on paper first. It would be ultra cool. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lovely blooms Christopher.

Christopher C. NC said...

Grace, we must be an odd bunch rarely picking flowers for the house, maybe if company is coming. The evening strolls with the pride give us a daily flower fix.

That was my thought to Frances, the Wave of bloom, but I am terrible for a designer about not planning my own garden.

Thanks Lisa and it is just getting started.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! You really have a lot blooming, especially with all the cold and snow you had a week ago. It is all so lovely and I am with Grace...I would be picking flowers all the time!

Les said...

Do you know the name of the Daff in shot #5, which you call the bold one? I certainly like it!

sweet bay said...

Beautiful daffodil display.

lola said...

Thanks Christopher, good reading & will have to finish it later.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, like I said we are a bit odd I guess. Even in Hawaii with tons of tropical, I rarely cut them for myself. I gave away arrangements to friends all the time.

Les I looked in the catalog and asked Bulbarella. That would be the split cup daffodil 'I don't know'

Hi Sweet Bay, a NC neighbor I see. There are a few daffodils up here for sure.

You are welcome Lola.

Carol said...

Yes, reporting in from the cosmopolitan city of bloom here, aka Indianapolis. I'm sure if you hosted a spring fling sometime, we'd all help move the daffodils around for you so you could get them grouped better by bloom time. Just tag 'em up and tell us where to dig!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Kim said...

Christopher, I had to laugh at your "moment of catalog weakness." I know it well. Maybe I didn't laugh, maybe it was a nervous giggle - another bout may be coming on even now.

chuck b. said...

I just got back from Seattle where I saw the biggest dandelions I have ever seen. Like, Texas big.