Tuesday, July 14, 2009

27 Feet

That is about how far the peach tree is from the blueberry patch. They should be ready very soon.

And that is how much closer we got to the inlet of the turdbox.

Then we stopped. The gasket the septic installer left us that goes around the sewer line as it enters the box is for a four inch pipe and we are using three inch pipe. We need a three inch gasket and before we cut a hole into the plastic turdbox we want to be sure we have all our ducks in a row.

Even with all that store bought block wall, we still ended up with very little actual coverage of the sewer line, like between six and ten inches. I added another course of block and will be extending the end of the wall a bit further.

The top course of block on the short arm of the wall parallel to the cabin needs two pieces of block cut to fit to finish that. Some of the cap stones we will be using can be seen sitting on the wall. They will be glued on for stability.

And to help keep the soil on top of the sewer line, another very short in height, thirty five foot in length, rock podge stone wall will be laid between the sewer line and the turdbox.

Another little problem we are having is that the drain line leaving the box rises an inch up to a coupling before it descends again. I think the entire box settled over the winter and tweaked the drain line a bit. So I am digging out around the drain line so I can try to wiggle the kink out and get the pipe to settle down another inch as well.

The plan for the landscaping is to have a perennial bed over the sewer line exiting the cabin between the block wall and the short stone edging wall. The turdbox itself will be covered in gravel and visually become part of the gravel driveway and parking area. Most likely a new Stonehenge type of event will be set up to stop cars from parking on top of the box and to hide the perfectly located cleanout pipe.

I am a landscaper. My job is to make things pretty and to hide the defects. One day the troubles with the turbox will not be noticeable. It will all be lush landscape.

One day too, my only concern might be how good will the sunset be.

And will the peaches taste good? The blueberries sure do.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Instead of "ode to a turdbox", it oughta be "slave to a turdbox." My sympathies. Your landscaper's optimism is refreshing.


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, in my career I was the one called in at the end to hide all this stuff. I usually missed out on most of the aggravations or at the most would do consultations before hand to help avoid some of the problems I am now having myself.

On Maui though we did not have have these elaborate septic systems. My cottage built in 1990 had a simple hole in the ground lined with unmortared cement blocks. In the late 90's they started making new construction use separating tanks and a draining tank which was much more compact than a drain field. Soil? What soil? It was all lava rock.

chuck b. said...

The septic tank is so far away from the house. Is that normal, or just how it worked out in your geography?

My grandparents' house has a septic tank, but I have no clue where it is. Taking care of it is my dad's responsibility. Phwew!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just the word "digging" makes me flinch. I am sure you are most anxious to get that rocker onto that porch to watch the garden grow and eat some peaches.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck there is a set back of course. Everything has a setback here. I think it was only 5 feet though. There were two huge Black Cherry trees between the cabin and box initially and where it ended up is where the actual ridge line broadened out enough to be able to even dig a hole to put it in.

Lisa there is still years of digging ahead of me in the envisioned garden projects alone.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! It has been a long and tedious job to get that turdbox done. You are almost there!

Those peaches look delicious. Peaches and ice cream or peach cobbler will be on your menu soon! Yumm!!!

Frances said...

Peaches and blueberries are my favorite mix of fruits, especially in pies. All of this adjusting to get it right will be worth it in the end. I like the thought of various Stonehenges around your place, each with their own little secret.