Friday, July 17, 2009


The sewer line has finally made it all the way to the turdbox. Hallelujah!!

The water line from the well was stubbed out inside the cabin and the last of that trench covered. Lots of details were attended to. This weekend the i's will be dotted and the t's crossed. On Monday there will be a call for inspection. Hallelujah!!

The long arm of the block wall had the cap stones glued on. Some mortaring will be done around the stovepipe sewer line where it goes through the wall. Then those cap stones can be glued on. The beginnings of another dry stack wall is taking shape. It really won't amount to much more than a stone edging to help hold the soil in place and define the shape of the future perennial bed.

How long did these walls take? I'll have to go back on the blog and look. I like the cap stones much more from above than the line it creates from below. No matter though. Much of this beautiful new wall combo will be under the stairs and what is left will be fluffed with greenery.

This week has seen the sweet corn tassel and the ears silk out and I've been sexing the corn every time I pass through. So far no sign of Mr. Raccoon. The flock of about 25 turkeys that has been around all week has shown no interest in the roadside vegetable garden, thank goodness. The do however like to dig in freshly planted soil and have mucked up a few newly planted things. The wood chip mulch must be more than they can handle. They can easily cause all kinds of disturbance in the natural leaf litter of the forest.

Perhaps next year all my spare time will be spent in a new wild cultivated garden that overlaps and blends into the one that exists here now. The floral extravaganza high on a mountaintop in North Carolina will continue to expand.

All the stone hauling and bucket toting of dirt and gravel will seem worth it

When the dirt scars on the land become totally green and are covered in a shifting tapestry of texture and seasonal blooms.


Frances said...

Hooray for this giant leap for mankind! It wll looks great, the walls, Uncle Ernie's spread, everything. I know you are relieved to be able to move forward to other things, including more gardeny planning things.

We're off to the beach for a week, will catch up when we return.


Lisa at Greenbow said... on with the project. I do hope the powers that be will be satisfied with your work. Then you can get on with the finishing.

I have decided I really like the walls. At first I thought the contrast might be a bit much but now I am looking at it like you take a ride from the very formal (cap) to the suburbs (bought blocks) to the mountains (dry stack wall). When it is all planted out all will flow so nice.

When I look at this photo of the dry stack wall I see the current residents, a man and a woman. Very interesting. Maybe they are the new overseers of your place.

A friend of mine will be in Asheville at the Bele Chere Festival. She is a milliner. Her hats are marvelous. If you have any girl friends that likes to wear hats please tell them to look her up. Hats by Patricia.

I wish I was coming with her. I would pop up the mountain and tour your garden and look at the Cozy Cabin construction.

Siria said...

Wow! Your walls look fabulous! I really like the contrast. I cannot believe how fast those walls went up. It must be all the practice you have had. :)

The pictures of the wild flowers that Uncle Ernie watches over are so lovely. It is no wonder you have people stopping and gawking. They figure if it's that beautiful on the roadside, there must be much more down the little driveway!

Good luck next week with your inspections. I know all will go as planned and then you can move forward to completion!

Rose said...

Congratulations on getting the sewer line done! And now good luck on the inspections--hope it all goes well. Looks like you have a good start on your "shifting tapestry of texture and seasonal blooms."

Lola said...

Best of luck on your inspection. I know all will be perfect.
Those walls are knock-outs. I love them. I think the cap gives the eye a place to rest.
Uncle Ernie sure is staying busy. Doing a great job like he always does.
I agree no wonder you have visits from travelers. It all looks gorgeous.
So glad you have one job finished--now on to more projects.

Anonymous said...

I know the inspection will go well. I am more impressed with every rock wall I see - your skill increases exponentially as you go along. Except I really liked the first one, so by now I am just astonished!